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bear495 Seattle - A travel report by Russ
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Seattle,  United States - flag United States -  Washington
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The Bluest Skies You've Ever Seen...

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Seattle travelogue picture
Thoughts of Seattle range along two distinctive tracks: 1. It rains almost 300 days per year in Seattle. 2. The bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle. After living two years in the area, I can state that both sentiments are correct. There is some form of precipitation almost daily in the Seattle area. What many people don't realize, though, is that the rain may last only 30 - 90 minutes. Then, the skies clear, the humidity has been relieved, and the resulting day is one of tremendous beauty. For the traveller to Seattle, the inhabitants are a diverse mix of cultures. There is a wonderful group of health-conscious citizens that practice healthy eating and healing.

Favourite spots:
Seattle travelogue picture
One of my favorite spots in the Seattle in the Seattle area is Vashon Island. I lived in the city of Vashon, one of two small cities located on the island. The only access to the island was by boat. One had to have a private boat, or they had to ride the ferry from Seattle (to the north of the island) or from Tacoma (from the south). The state of Washington maintains a fleet of ships to take riders from these areas to various spots across Puget Sound. For some wonderful views of these ferries in action, you should watch the movies Disclosure or Double Jeapardy. Another wonderful spot to visit is the Pike Street Market, an open air market on the edge of the water along Pike Street. Here, it is possible to purchase fresh fish and seafood, frshly harvested herbs, vegetables, meats, and other produce items. Another spot in the city that is wonderful is the Seattle Center area, the former site of the World's Fair.

What's really great:
Seattle travelogue picture
I really enjoyed the views of Mt. Ranier. During my residence in the area, I grew to believe that the mountain belonged to me. In one way it does belong to me, and to you, and to everyone, since the mountain is a part of the U.S. National Park System. On most days that the sky clears, Mt. Ranier is visible along the southern skyline of the city. More pleasant, still, is visiting the mountain. Another great aspect of the Seattle area is the opportunity to sunbathe along the waterfront, yet travel 60 - 70 minutes to the west and go snow skiing in the mountains. There is very little about Seattle that is not pleasant. My only problem was in finding an appropriate job.

Seattle travelogue picture
Mt. Ranier - the highest mountain in the continental United States.
Vashon Island - a beautiful island with antique dealers and other tourist attractions.

Seattle travelogue picture
Ivar's Restaurants King & Snohomish Co Salmon House Fish Bar - There are four Ivar's in the area. I prefereed the one on Northlake Way. There is another nice one on Pier 54, on the waterfront.

Sky City Restaurant - For a really fancy meal (expect to pay $100 plus USD) visit the Sky City Restaurant

Other recommendations:
Who can visit Seattle without going to see Starbuck's Coffee, the original bistro of the now worldwide chain.

Pike's Street Market

Published on Sunday August 3th, 2003

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