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Sinaloa - A travel report by VK
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Sinaloa,  Mexico - flag Mexico -  Sinaloa
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Land of the Deer

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Sinaloa travelogue picture
We decided to stay at a resort on the New Mazatlan in a resort. Although the resort was quite nice, with the many facilities, I still itched to visit the `real`Mazatlan. So we left with other tourists onboard a bus that had seen better days.
I was disappointed in many ways, one was that I don`t speak Spanish, and my struggle to speak using my French and English wasn`t nearly as sufficient as I would have wanted.
Next was the lack of historical knowledge from the people who are native of Mazatlan. I encounter some people who did speak English, but had no knowledge of their own history.

Favourite spots:
Sinaloa travelogue picture
Mazatland is known for its longest beaches in Mexico. The water varies from 67F to 75F at any time of the year. The hotel/resorts zones have 5 miles of uninterupted golden sand. Although it is a successful touristic area, it is less busy than the rest of the Mexican tourist traps, and therefore less crowded.

What's really great:
Sinaloa travelogue picture
Mazatland has the only open-air cabs in Mexico. They are similar to golf carts, even white in color. Although a little more expensive than the regular taxis, they do offer fresh air during warm humid days. Most of them have blaring music and are adorned with assorted trinklets. The locals call them 'Pulmonia' as it is very easy to get a pneumonia during the rainy season.

Sinaloa travelogue picture
Nahualt was first colonised by the Mayans and named it Mazatland,land of the deer as they used to migrate along the coast. Since the Spanish invasion in the 17th century, it's become a major international port. Mostly it is due to Shrimp fishing and the gold/silver mines nearby, but this change of environment sadly altered the deer migration forms. The only trace of them you'll find is a very small monument on Paseo Classen Ave. Also, you'll find almost no traces of the old Pirates Ships that used to pray on the Spanish Galleons, nor on the Mayan civilisation.
Mazatland has a population of over 750 000 habitants and has very strong Spanish roots. The city is divided in three, the Old Mazatland, where you'll find the locals; The Golden Zone, which is a North American version of a fast paced town; And the New Mazatland which is where most of the Hotels and Resorts are situated. One must of course visit Elfaro. This lighthouse is the second highest in the world behind Gilbratar.

Other recommendations:
Sinaloa travelogue picture
Mazatland also offers Mardi Gras style carnivals, bullfights, rodeos, a huge daily market, operas, fishing expeditions, and bird watching. Most activities are only during specific times during the year, just be sure to contact the local tourist office for further information.
Also Mazatland has a great sidewalk that bords the coast for miles. It is where you'll find great monument, like 'The Mazatland'.

Published on Friday February 21th, 2003

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Fri, Dec 12 2003 - 06:20 PM rating by whereisliz

Nice photos and good information! It is always a brave thing to go where you don't know the language. It sounds like you did some research into the history after you retuned? I would like to know more about the food & people.

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