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hially Morecambe - A travel report by Alice
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Morecambe,  United Kingdom - flag United Kingdom
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Merry Morecambe!

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Morecambe travelogue picture
Morecambe is a quaint English coastal resort town in Lancashire, England. Nestled in along Morecambe Bay and near the famous English Lake District, you can imagine how ideal it might be for a retreat away from big city life. In ways, it reminds me of a smaller, more charming version of my neighbourhood in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Maybe it's the promenade that reminds me of the Sea Wall back home. Perhaps it's the cool, crisp, breezy air that sweeps past your face as you stroll about town. No, there aren't any Rocky Mountains framing the town but there is a sense that you are tucked away someplace safe and lovely. There is a large sandy bay that stretches away from the town for quite a distance and it adds to the feeling of serenity on a sunny day. Apparently there is quicksand out in that bay, and my local friend told me stories of people sinking deep beneath the sand out there...rural myth? I don't know, but it certainly added to the mystery of Morecambe.

Favourite spots:
Morecambe travelogue picture
The spot that I felt the most connection with was the promenade that runs along Marine Road. I just loved it. I spent a sunny day walking along that strip to the town of Heysham and I enjoyed every minute of it. The promenade is about 4 miles long and you get plenty of cool, fresh air on a spring day out there. I remember having a lovely moment eating take away fish and chips, sitting on a bench, in the quiet of the night on that promenade. Simple pleasures, indeed.

What's really great:
Morecambe travelogue picture
Besides the promenade and the general charming feel of Morecambe, I found the wacky statue of a character named Eric Morecambe rather special. My friend in Morecambe told me that the statue is a magnet for tourists and that it doesn't even have any significance to the history of the town. Apparently Eric Morecambe was a comedian/performer who happens to have the same name as the town but he is not the town's namesake. I thought that was funny. The statue is placed in an open and obvious place along the promenade so you can't miss it. As I walked by the statue, I could not resist hopping up beside it and copying the ridiculous pose of Eric Morecambe. It made me smile and that, in itself, is wonderful. Irresistible and zany it most certainly is. It provides a great photo opportunity too!

Morecambe travelogue picture
I was quite pleased with the hotel I stayed at in Morecambe. The Channings hotel on Marine Road East facing the sandy bay. I had a simple, clean, comfortable room with a big bay window facing the promenade. The management was friendly and the breakfast was very good...but aren't all English breakfasts to die for? Heart-attack on a plate indeed! And I loved every last bite.

Morecambe travelogue picture
There are clubs in Morecambe and I visited one called Baroque. It was fun to people-watch there to see how the young (and young at heart) partied in this small town. The beer flowed and the crowd seemed to be having a great time. The club didn't start until rather late though...I had been there earlier in the evening and it had more of a relaxed lounge feel to it.

I did a bit of a pub-crawl courtesy of my local Morecambe expert. I can't remember the names of all the places we peeked into, but, I can say that generally the vibe was welcoming and relaxed in each pub. There was one spot that was fairly empty and this really cool couple were spinning tunes DJ-style and having a good laugh. I quite liked it. Again, the beer flowed and the cultural, social English ways were evident. Fun, fun, fun.

Morecambe travelogue picture
Hmmm. I can't say that the food was the highlight of Morecambe. Actually, I never really get excited about the food when I'm in England....except for the killer breakfasts and fish and chips. Oh, and gravy. I had lunch at this Chinese restaurant along Marine Road and found it to be decent enough although a bit greasy. Not much in the way of variety in cuisines in town. But that's usually the trade-off in small towns, n'est-ce pas?

Published on Sunday May 11th, 2003

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Sun, May 11 2003 - 05:09 AM rating by admin

Hi Hially,

what a funny picture of yourself and the Eric :-)) I love that.

Have a good start in HK,


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