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neon9nine Toronto - A travel report by Cris
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Toronto,  Canada - flag Canada -  Ontario
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Short trip in Toronto

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Some of my family and I decided to go to Niagara Falls, and I threw in the suggestion of going to Toronto. Having been to Vancouver, and hearing about TO., I thought it would be a great experience.

Yonge Street
Yonge Street
It's a great city, almost like the New York of Canada. The public transport system, from trollies to subways to buses was excellent. Never felt unsafe anywhere, and in fact it was hard to STOP walking and traveling (espically once we got out daily pass for the public transport) everywhere. If I had one regret, it was not spending enough time there (2 nights). The US dollar doesn't buy as much as it used to, but it's still a good deal, comparatively. It also is not as liberal as Vancouver, but it is a wonderful town.

Favourite spots:
Of course, you have to hit the CN tower, the waterfront, Chinatown, and if you're anything like me, some brewpubs (C'est What?) and the Steam Whistle brewery, located in an old train roundabout. We didn't get to go to Greektown, or many other places (Casa Loma?), but next time... Spadinia and College, and all points south seemed to be quite the party place. As far as cheap wine/booze to bring back, I would reccommend a duty free shop at the border.

What's really great:
CN Tower
CN Tower
The wine, and some of the beer, was excellent. Second Cup coffee is great too, avoid the big American chain if you can, Second Cup is moderatly fair trade coffee. The whole attitude of the city was great. However, I would not drive if you can avoid it. The whole entertainment district was really a cool area, espically for restaurants. As for restaurants, I would recommend the Italian place with the tree in it (KitKat?), and not the San Francisco Seafood house.. The markets are cool too. Walk down Yonge to see the shops, and you BETTER visit some of the wineries on the Niagara Pen. Innskillin reserve 2002 Pinot Noir is excellent. Icewine wasn't as good as I would have hoped, but I think the Resiling I got will be better. Also, the underground mall is kind of cool, just to check out.

CN Tower, Underground mall, the Royal York, Yorkville is nice if you like to shop.

We stayed in the Courtyard on Yonge, and it was nicer than I expected. The Delta Chelesa looked quite nice too. If you have more money, maybe the Westin on the waterfront? Location, either downtown or on a public transport stop, makes all the difference.

Didn't really go to any....but as I mentioned, College and Spadnia was the nexus of it all, head east or south from there and you'll find something. King Street also, in the Entertainment Dist.

C'est What in the St. Lawrence area
C'est What in the St. Lawrence area
C'est What, very friendly and great selection of microbrews (from there!)
Cask & Elephant - Not a bad place, perhaps a little expensive
Hemmingways-Nice friendly place with a rooftop patio
Plus some others in the area....
Amsterdam Brewing Co, is a little out of the way, but seems to have good beer. I only had one.

Definatly Kit Kat. Didn't try too many other places....although C'est What had some good pub food. Even a lamb burger (which I didn't try). Second Cup for breakfast!

Other recommendations:
Steamwhistle brewery! Subway...Union Station/Convention Center area... Chinatown...

Published on Sunday September 26th, 2004

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Mon, Sep 27 2004 - 01:28 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

yes cris ,i have heard a lot abt this city.
wish it is worth visiting there .
nice report

Sun, Sep 26 2004 - 04:48 PM rating by rangutan

Great report on a great city! I had similar positive experiences there. To all, well worth a visit.

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