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neon9nine New Orleans - A travel report by Cris
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New Orleans,  United States - flag United States -  Louisiana
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neon9nine's travel reports

A weekend (or week) of debauchery and history

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I've been there many times, so I'd like to consider myself a seasoned visitor. It's one of the oldest cities in the US, and of course has some of the most liberal drinking, nudity and zoning laws in this country. It's got quite a international 'flavor'.

Canal and Bourbon...
Canal and Bourbon...
First of all, be careful. From traffic, to scammers, to violent crime, it can be a dangerous place. In general though, staying in the touristy areas and being both observant and street smart (i.e. don't buy any drugs on the street, nor be sucked into some street urchins con game, like asking where you got your shoes from) will keep you safe and happy. The city in general is low income. The French Quarter, by far the biggest attraction, is quite a happening place. Don't be afraid to just walk down the street drinking your beverage of choice if you don't want to go in anywhere, because in NOLA, it's legal (just not in a glass bottle!) Please don't just limit your experience to the Bourbon St. nightlife however. During the day, it's an interesting place, with shops on ground level and apts. above. The architecture is somewhere between European 'gingerbread' and southern plantation. It can be very hot, and in places it's smelly, but it does have quite a charm to it. In Jackson Square, between St. Louis Cathederal and the river, there are tons of artists, mimes, musicians and palm readers. It's quite an experience to sit back and listen to some of the musicians while you relax on a park bench. As you get closer to Esplanade (down Bourbon, away from Canal), you'll notice you are entering the gay area. Also, the Garden District (where Anne Rice lives), and Algers, which is accessible via a free ferry across the Mississippi, are worth visiting. Tulane and the Zoo are also in the Garden District.

Favourite spots:
I hope this thing isn't loaded!
I hope this thing isn't loaded!
In no order-Jackson Square, the Riverwalk, the Aquarium of the Americas, the French Quarter, the Garden District, Harrahs (casino), Art district (near the convention center, but there are lots of art shops, there is a folk art place near the House of Blues), the French Market, Bourbon St. (although it can get WAY too crowded), Royal St., et al

What's really great:
Just the party atmosphere, maybe more than anything else. Also, all the antique and art shops. The restaurants, also, can be amazing. It truly is unique in the US. Seems like they have taken a lot more care in looking after tourists these days also. Some of the architecture is amazing. Not just the buildings, but the art and designs outside. Mardi Gras, although worth visiting once, is way to crowded for my tastes.

Absinthe House..see my other pics for Jackson Sq.
Absinthe House..see my other pics for Jackson Sq.
The river, Jax Brewery-Jackson Sq.-St. Louis, fountain in front of the Riverwalk Mall, Bourbon St., The old Absenthe House (athough it wasn't THAT great), Canal St., The World Trade Center, the river ferry (free), the farmers market, a little of the Garden District, and if you can, head east on 90 to see the real cajun Fort Pike (you can see it on some of my other pics)

The atrium of the Chateau Sonesta from our room...
The atrium of the Chateau Sonesta from our room...
I've stayed in many, although the Holiday Inn ...with the large clarinet on the side? Think it's the Holiday Inn Downtown on Loyola? was very nice, with a balcony, although a few blocks away from the action. The Chateau Sonesta was a small, wonderful hotel right in the French Quarter. The Le Pavillion was nice but a few years ago, we found a roach in our room. But the rooftop pool was nice...

Can't really remember any, although the cat's meow was ok, but the Karaoke sucked every 3rd or 4th song.

The world famous out for their bloody marys!
The world famous out for their bloody marys!
Too many to mention. Although, the Crescent brewery had good microbrews. Pat O'Brian's is a little overrated and had bad service. And you have to go to Mothers for a bloody mary.

Cafe du Monde..essential breakfast place
Cafe du Monde..essential breakfast place
The Bourbon House was excellent, but I think it closed. There are SO many choices, it's hard to choose. I have rarely gone wrong, just stay away from chains. You must visit the Cafe du Monde for breakfast bengets! Also, you MUST have a wet roast beef po-boy, and I would recommend a muffaletta. Great Italian sandwich with olive dressing.

Other recommendations:
I've heard the Civil War battlefield in Chalmette is very cool. Just driving around is neat, you can get an idea how low NOLA is below sea level. If you have some time, go the the Abitia Beer brewery in Abita Springs, 30 minutes north.

Published on Monday September 27th, 2004

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Thu, Sep 30 2004 - 07:08 AM rating by christianj.

Hi Chris,

I loved to read your report - the feelings and all the informations!

Tue, Sep 28 2004 - 01:07 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

hii cris
this is another beautifully written report by you.

Mon, Sep 27 2004 - 10:10 PM rating by rangutan

Your report works - makes me hungary!

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