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kodie Udugama - A travel report by KODIE
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Udugama,  Sri Lanka - flag Sri Lanka -  Southern
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Kanneliya Forest Reserve located in the Galle dist

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Kanneliya is a tropical low land rain forest of Sri Lanka and which is at Galle district. Kanneliya Nakiyadeniya and Dadiyagala is famous low land rain forests in Sri Lanka and its called KDN complex. Kanneliya is 35km Northeast of Galle .

Further, Mahadola, which is a major stream that enriches the river, originates here. The floristic composition of the forest consists of important canopy tree species of which 9 endemic species
Hora ( Dipterocarpus zeylanicus )
Bu-hora( Dipterocarpus hispidus ),
Dorana ( Dipterocarpus glandulosus )
Pini - baru ( Hopea jucunda ),
Kekuna ( Canarium zeylanicum )
Godapara ( Dillenia retusa ),
Thiniya ( Doona congestiflora ),
Uru - honda (Kurrimia ceylanica),
Beraliya - dun (Shorea dyeri) – were identified.

Among the other life forms 5 endemic bird species, 6 endemic freshwater fish species and 2 endemic amphibian species have been recorded. Though the area is a strict forest reserve, poaching for wild boar, collection of endemic fish species for aquariums, collection of rare medicinal plants (eg. Wanaraja), ferns and bryophytes have been reported. In view of the reported high diversity and endemism of species in the catchments zone, a systematic analysis of the flora in the catchments zone of the reservoir was undertaken. The paper reports the floristic composition (including ferns, bryophytes, lichens etc) and structure of the forest and the socioeconomic impacts on its conservation.

Favourite spots:
Beauty of endimism of Kanneliya
There are several types of species at Kanneliya forest reserve. Those include 36 species of snakes including 17 endemic forms. There are about 38 species of fishes are living in Kanneliya forst reserve. About 20 species are endemic to Sri Lanka. Most especial species of Kanneliya is those and several birds and other species also lived.
Inside of Kanneliya several species alive. Some of them as follows.
Doona, Hora, Na, Hadawaka and there is a high proportion of endemic among the 234 identified woody tree species, with 141 being endemic to us. About 301 plant species are found. About 133 funnel species with 59 bird types. 14 amphibians with 32 butterfly species and 7 snakes with 10 mammals in addition to 7 fishes and 4 reptiles can be visit in Kanneliya forest reserve of Sri Lanka. Kanneliya is very closed to Sinharaja and it's situated at Galle district.

What's really great:
There are several types of Snake species at Kanneliya forest reserve of Southern province of Sri Lanka. Total 36 species out of 17 endemic snake species of Sri Lanka. Those included Blind snakes, Sheiled tailed nakes, Python and Boas, Cobras and many more. Dumutu Kanaulla, Depath naya, Pimbura, Thiith Polanga, Kunakatuwa and Pala polanga especial of them.


50.69 Miles from Hiniduma, Sri Lanka
Revel in the rustic splendor of Deer Park Hotel, situated in the lush tropical jungle of Sri Lanka,


Other recommendations:
There are several types of fishes are live in Kanneliya forest reseve. There are 14 species of 38 types of fishes are living in Kanneliya forest reserve. Out of them about 20 types of fishes are endemic to Sri Lanka. Gin Ganga, Udugam oya and seveal waterways supply to habitats to endemic and other fishes.

Published on Saturday April 10th, 2010

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Sat, Apr 10 2010 - 12:38 PM rating by rangutan

Text is sadly just copied from various websites like:

Sat, Apr 10 2010 - 12:21 PM rating by sujoy

Ur report is gud but need some photographs

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