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travelalain Victoria Falls - A travel report by Alain
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Victoria Falls,  Zimbabwe - flag Zimbabwe
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Roaring excitement at Victoria Falls !

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Victoria Falls travelogue picture
Why Victoria Falls?

No one can imagine the beauty of the view from anything witnessed in England. It had never been seen before by European eyes, but scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight (Livingstone 1857)

I have always dreamed about exploring the unknown as I was a child, like finding the spring of the Nile or peddling up the Amazone to explore the river. You can imagine then that I listened very carefully to the story of Livingstone and his explorations in Africa, when the teacher told us about it in Geography and history lessons.

The explorations stuff I can forget because what can one explore at this moment with a tight budget, right the known places. But when I could go on the trip with the Zimbabwe wildlife and I saw that we stayed a few days in Victoria Falls, all these dreams can back to life.

Favourite spots:
Victoria Falls travelogue picture
Victoria Falls is a place where one can dream, dream about the past, when the first Europeans explored this region. But it’s also a place where one is zapped back to reality because were else does one see the big gap between the modal tourist and the Zimbabweans who try build their life here.

What to do when one goes to Victoria Falls?

There are lot of things to do for a tourist in Victoria Falls, you can spend lot’s of money in the excitement industry that is booming in this place. But start relaxing and go to the Victoria Waterfalls and just enjoy the sights and feel the spray when the wind is blowing it towards your face. Welcome the rainbow that you can see always at this great falls.

What's really great:
Victoria Falls travelogue picture
Near the falls there is a small tropical rainforest they you can explore, but what to think about a thrill ride on the river. There is this company Shearwater who organizes a white water rafting trip on the mighty Zambezi and if you want to experience life until your toes, go for it, join them in a breathtaking trip on the river. If are wondering what it means to be swallowed in “Midnight Dinner” then you shall find the answer on the water.

Victoria Falls travelogue picture
But one can find also more relaxing things to do in Victoria Falls, like going on a sunset cruise. The ingredients are very simple, you just board a boat and they serve you with food and drinks while the cruise on the upper Zambezi. They try to spot wildlife for you and when the sun is about to set, they throw anchor and you can make beautiful pictures of the African sunset.

Or when you want to taste some of the African culture you can join in for some traditional dancing in the village. It’s a great informative show.

Other recommendations:
Victoria Falls travelogue picture
As you can see there are lot of things to do and experience in Victoria Falls, just go with the flow, and then I mean with the tourist flow and not with the water of the Zambezi. Or why not follow dr. Livingstone’s advice and see the falls from an angels perspective?

Published on Saturday February 21th, 2004

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Sat, Mar 04 2006 - 08:24 PM rating by mistybleu

Nice report, great pictures. Thanks

Fri, Dec 16 2005 - 05:29 AM rating by jorgesanchez

good adventure!

Wed, May 12 2004 - 08:15 PM rating by whereisliz

Your beautiful photos are matched by excellent writing. Alain, I am very much enjoying discovering the world through your eyes!

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