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travelalain Eshowe - A travel report by Alain
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Eshowe,  South Africa - flag South Africa -  KwaZulu-Natal
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Simunye - A zulu dream to live

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Eshowe travelogue picture
Simunye, what means living together in the Zulu language. (It was also a popular TV show on the South African TV when I was there). Simunye is a traditional Zulu village located 10 miles east of Melmoth and Eshowe. It's located in a very nice landscape with glowing hills, with a few valleys where the rivers still run wild. When you have some imagination you can expect some Zulu's waiting for you to ambush you. But now these days they great you and tell you about their way of life.

Favourite spots:
Eshowe travelogue picture
The favourite spot is off course their circular Cultural village where they teach you their ways of life and customs. Like throwing a stick, learning to taste their Beer and seeing a stick fight. But also the welcome yell, was very important. This yell is for us our doorbell. The chief comes to see who is at the gate and or he let's you in or he turns you away. So never try to enter without yelling you are there.

What's really great:
Eshowe travelogue picture
It was a village in typical Zulu-style. Wooden sticks to bound the premises. The goats in their own kraal outside and the cows in the middle of the homestead. But even going there is very special, you go to their village on horse back or by ox-car. That is a very nice experience. I can say our best day in South-Africa.

Eshowe travelogue picture
The area around is all nature and is good for some nice photo moments. The green grass rolling over the hils and a small stream gentle seeking its way.

Eshowe travelogue picture
A hotel in Zulu style, a hut, a bed and a mosquito net for us tourist. But in 1999 they had no running water. Well the water was running, but it was brought by the Zulu's, nice hot water for your tub or a cold water can that was standing in your room and in the morning there is no alarm clock, because there is no electricity, but a Zulu who plays an instrument.

Eshowe travelogue picture
Well their is no club around here, but you can dance here. The Zulu's do a sing and dance evening for you around a campfire and you can join them. An evening you will never forget.

Eshowe travelogue picture
A place under the stars where you can drink a beer with the villagers.

Eshowe travelogue picture
A BBQ under the wide open stars, great meat, good veggies, tastefull beer and that in a surrounding where the only sound besides our own voices is coming from the singing Zulus and the calm floating river. What a surrounding

Other recommendations:
Eshowe travelogue picture
Their craddle and fields where they show you their way of life.

Published on Friday April 9th, 2004

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Fri, Dec 16 2005 - 05:29 AM rating by jorgesanchez

text and pictures are fantastic

Sat, Apr 10 2004 - 04:38 AM rating by marianne

Hi Alain,
This village sounds really interesting. Do they give a tour of the village especially meant for tourists? I did something similar in Tanzania and liked it very much. we were the only visitors and even more importantly the money we spent went straight to the villagers.

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