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jorgesanchez Volgograd - A travel report by jorge
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Volgograd,  Russia - flag Russia -  Volgogradskaya Oblast'
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jorgesanchez's travel reports

Volgograd, the heroe city

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I stopped during three days in Volgograd by chance, because I needed a rest after visiting the Caucasus and the Mount Elbrus, before going by train to Ekaterinbourg and finally to Novosibirsk, in Siberia.

with Alexander Pushkin statue
with Alexander Pushkin statue
Present Volgograd was founded in the XVI century as Tsaritsyn, and changed the name in Stalin times as Stalingrad. Today is called Volgograd because of the river Volga. It has about one million inhabitants. Volgograd is one of the heroic cities of the old Soviet Union, like Murmansk, Saint Petersburg, Sevastopol, etc. My hotel was the Intourist, not far from the railway station, and I paid about 25 dollars for a double room with all conditions. I found the town cheap compared with Moscow, and visited several places that are a must for every traveler: the first one was the Mamaev Kurgan statue (see my picture) and the memorial inside, which is a very impressive monument dedicated to the hundred of thousands of people who died during the II World War. I also went to the Panorama museum, wich explains the battle of Stalingrad. These kind of museums exist in many towns of Russia and Ukraina, as for instance Sevastopol, in Crimea, or Moscow. A building that you should visit as well, is the ruins of the old windmill factory that has been preserved, the same way as the japanese keep Hiroshima buildings destroyed by the atomic bomb, or the germans the Berlin church in Kurf├╝rtensdamm. "Koroche gavaria" (as the russian say), you should not miss this town while visiting Russia. It is a good advise. This town is unique in recent russian history.

Favourite spots:
Mamaev Kurgan at my back
Mamaev Kurgan at my back
Mamaev Kurgan Statue will impress you. You can get there by bus.

What's really great:
in the Caucasus
in the Caucasus
People in Volgograd are curious about you, since very few foreigners visit this town. Everywhere you go, when they know that you are a foreigner, all they want to invite you to a glass of vodka.

The hotel Intourist, just a few hundred of metres from the railway station is a very good choice. It is clean, cheap, and nearby you have several restaurants.

There is a very nice italian restaurant at the building back of the hotel Intourist. It is great, very popular, and with good prices.

Published on Sunday June 19th, 2005

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Mon, Jun 20 2005 - 02:08 PM rating by milana

Hi Jorge! I used to spend my childhood in this city. And it was very nice to see your vision of Volgograd!I completely agree with you that it's a wonderful city. When I was a child I was absolutely impressed by the Mamaev Kurgan. Such a big statue!Maybe it's better to visit Volgograd in summer when you can enjoy Volga.

Mon, Jun 20 2005 - 06:55 AM rating by rangutan

Nice brief report

Mon, Jun 20 2005 - 01:22 AM rating by picasso

Koroche govorya-not bad,a little more information would not be bad ad all but better.
Thank you


Sun, Jun 19 2005 - 11:37 AM rating by davidx

A bit thin in parts but interesting where you say more. You have certainly been to some interesting places.

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