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Yungang - A travel report by xixi
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Yungang,  China - flag China -  Shanxi
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Yungang Grottoes amazing --

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I visited Yungang Grottoes this Golden holiday, Grottoes locate in Datong in Shanxi Province. Datong is a coal-producing city, but on this piece of land, there is the artistic treasure house -- Yungang Grottoes. I am so pround of !

Outdoor Big Buddha statue in Cave 20
Outdoor Big Buddha statue in Cave 20
16 km west of Datong Yungang Grottoes located in the foothills of the Week weapons, weapon states to the north of Sichuan. Dug caves and mountains, things ended one kilometer. The existing 45 major caves, including more than 1,100 small niches, more than 51,000 big and small to show respect, it is one of the largest Grottoes, as well as the world-renowned art treasure trove. In 1961 the State Council released the first batch of key national cultural protection. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage Committee and contractors from the World Heritage List.

Favourite spots:
Cave 12 has a team of musicians in wall relief
Cave 12 has a team of musicians in wall relief
Grottoes before the hammer in North Weixingan 2002 (453), which was 1,500 years ago. Oyao instructions from the Northern Wei Dynasty text by the famous monk dug chaired wishes. The existing 16 to 20 caves dug earliest known Oyao five caves; Other major caves have mostly completed Qianduluoyang Northern Wei Dynasty in the year 495 years before. Hau has been extended to create a small caves are light years between empire. Northern Wei experienced "Tai Wu destroy Buddhism" and "complicated text into law." Culture of peace between EMPEROR (460--465) Yungang Grottoes began to create large, flashy Zheng Xiao five years (3524) when, after a period of 60 years. Oyao early chaired by eminent monks, "in the capital Seibu Cypriot state, the hammer Hill Cliff, Caves five." Cave is now No. 16-20 "Oyao five Cave." Most of the caves in the existing cutting Wo 1929 (494) Lofa moved before. "Shuijingzhu" According to records, "rock quarry mountains, rock structure, their true giant accident, the World

What's really great:
cave 6 most magnificent
cave 6 most magnificent
amazing grottes, beautiful carving, large budda, marvilious building...

18 Buddhas Cave bare the true Buddha Sakyamuni established as a tool for high 15.5 meters momentum; Sculptures shape of the upper House of disciples Dongbi peculiar skill techniques. Cave No. 19 of the true Buddha Sakyamuni Zuoxiang, 16.8 meters high, the second largest show of Yungang. Cave 20 for the open show, the center of Buddhist Zuoxiang, 13.75 meters high, the Yungang Grottoes were made to face all semicircle, deep-high nose, thin lips and big eyes. Large lobe shoulder blade Qi Ting, looks majestic, immense vigor.

caves mountain
caves mountain
Yungang Grottoes in three caves carved to show the courage and majestic, colorful known. The smallest 2 centimeters statues. The largest 17 meters high, most of all with different religious figures. Grottoes are the shapes of a variety of imitative wood structure buildings, a prominent theme in the traditional Buddhist relief, a refinement of decorative patterns, lifelike sculpture of music and vivid, dazzling. Later inherit and develop their artistic sculpture carving artistic tradition, the absorption and integration of the essence of Buddhist art, has a unique artistic style. Later, Sui and Tang dynasties on the development of the arts have had a far-reaching impact in China occupies an important position in the history of art, as well as friendly exchanges between China and Asian countries, cultural, historical testimony.

Da Tong Hotel ** **
Address : 37 West Datong Blossom
Booking Tel : 0352-5868666
Fax : 0352-5868200
Yungang International Hotel ** **
Address : 38 West big Datong
Booking Tel : 0352-5869999
Fax : 0352-5869666

Strip noodle
Strip noodle
Strip noodle artistryOf
Strip noodle artistryOf its greatest fame in China Shanxi pasta, the most extensive impact. It is characterized by the Americans and gem cutting technology known as fly Strip noodle artistryOf. The knife used in the surface of the tile is customized knife, the length of the tube surface to disregard the foot shape, the pot stood at the surface, a surface Customers, on the one hand from a knife cut down to the pot. Cook the noodles away from the sophisticated technology “ Wave loading stockpot, are propped up floating in the air, wave left the knife root of the surface as the fish leapt ” . Shanxi Strip noodle artistryOf especially about the speed and fashion. The surface covering a wide range of experts in head and hands of two knife attacks on the cutting seems Lancet sandy remitting goes down into the pot, it is not so much cooking as it is wonderful folk arts performances.

Other recommendations:
Buddha outside
Buddha outside
Datong Yungang grottoes locate not far from beijing, if you have a trip in beijing, and you are interested in these caves, you may take some time to datong to see them.
very spectacular,
Yungang grottoes are the one of three most marvelous grottoes in China, It is worthy to see!
If you want to see more detailed please refer to

Published on Sunday October 8th, 2006

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Tue, Oct 10 2006 - 10:32 AM rating by marianne

Interesting report but difficult to imagine what the caves look like without photos

Sun, Oct 08 2006 - 09:26 PM rating by eirekay

Lili, I would love to hear more about the Buddist Caves - I recently went to a series of Buddist Caves in India and really enjoyed the experience. Photos would be terrific!

Sun, Oct 08 2006 - 11:50 AM rating by mrscanada

Hi Lili I wish you had shown us some pictures of the caves. Your report was very interesting.

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