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Filip's Travel log

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Hi and welcome to my travel-page. Are you up for some exciting stories? Then you are at the right address!!

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May 28, 2005 06:00 PM Walibi? Parachute? BBQ?

Today we drove passed the exit of a local Walibi theme park. We even stopped by ones, just to see wether it would be possible for us to go there the next day. We couldn't see any timetables, but Wouter asked his sister to look them up on the internet.
We also passed an airfield where parachutejumpers left for the skies. We would love to do this...
But today we had to work of some stuff first and the next day we would then go to Walibi or even go parachute jumping and have a great bbq in the evening. The weather was dry and warm (32 degrees Celcius).

May 27, 2005 06:00 PM My turn to drive

Because it would be to hard for Wouter to pick up where I left in Lyon, we worked Lyon off by him driving and me navigating. It was already hard enough!!
So now it was my time to drive. Nothing special happened, it was just awsome weather for days now. We both were burnt on the arms because of leaning outside.
When we finally stopped working, we went to a parking and Wouter started cooking while I did some backing up of the data and stuff. Suddenly Wouter told me the gaztank must be empty because the fire didn't want to work anymore.
I checked and he was right. Though the girls had told us there would be plenty enough and the tank would still have about 60% was already empty.
Damned, now that the food was half-cooked we had to throw it all away...or wouldn't we?
I told Wouter I could drive back looking for gaz in a fuelstation I had seen a couple of km's from the parking we stayed on. But he than had to take out all the pots and pans and cover them up with something so they wouldn't really be exposed to the outside...whatever that would be.
And so we did.
When I came at the station, they had already closed up. Damn... So I drove to another station. I luckily saw two women standing outside. They had normally already closed, but they would help me.
So we got gaz (two tanks this time, just to be sure...) and the dinner was great. It was our VERY FIRST selfmade dinner which we ate outside. That is, the very first of all our projects. It was the first time that we had this good weather.
Also this evening a couple of bottles of wine got opened and emptied. We now even write down how many camemberts, baguettes and wines we already had during the whole of the trip. You should know that we normally stop somewhere in the afternoon to have ourselves a baguette (you know these long French breads) and some camembert. :o)

May 26, 2005 06:00 PM Fin de Lyon?

Yes, this is definately going to be the last day of Lyon. I can feel it. We are starting to make greater circles around the city. Man this has been the hardest city we have ever done. Even worse than Dublin, Marseille or Rotterdam.
We have also seen the strangest things. For instance a couple of guys hitchiking on a highway. They were juggling in order to get our attention and would be picked up. But it has no use that we pick them up, we drive from here to there with no real direction.
They would make lot's of km's but wouldn't get anywhere... It would be fun though...
Next thing we saw was a car which had an exploded tire. The car had obviously slipped all over the highway and was standing crossover 2 of 3 lanes. The people in it had been so damned lucky, because nobody was hurt and nobody had hit the car...
But again, we ended the day good.

May 25, 2005 06:00 PM Keep on crisscrossing

Second day of Lyon and it looks like it won't be over yet. It's so hard to find every road and to drive over all of them. But we'll make our way through, count on it!!

May 24, 2005 06:00 PM Heavy durty first

Because Lyon was the worst spot on the whole project map, we decided we wanted to do that first. The women had clearly worked their way around the city.
We went in and saw that the scale of the map we had, was way to big, so that we couldn't see much details. This is going to be though...
At the end of the day we parked outside the city on a small road. The weather was so fine, we had been driving with both our windows open the whole time.
Even during the evening and the night, the weather was awsome, so we stayed outside and ended up drinking 3 bottles of wine in one evening.

May 23, 2005 06:00 PM Lyon in just a few hours

We left in the morning and drove towards Lyon. We would meet up a few km's underneath the city in Vienne.
When we got there, the girls were surprised we already arrived. :o) We had be driving just a little bit too fast ;o)
Anyways, they told us they were there the whole time since our last switch. In other words: more than 9 weeks!! The office had forgotten them in some way, or they didn't care. Stupid from both parties if you ask me, but hey, it was there problem eventually.
So we made the switch, went to the store and installed ourselves properly.

May 22, 2005 06:00 PM Starting up

We called the office. They told us we could even leave for today. But that wasn't really possible for us. We hadn't prepared anything yet.
So we just went to Gent to pick up the poolcar and some disks. We would habve to switch with the team we had already switched with in France. We would have to go to France. It appeared strange too us, that those women were sent twice to almost the same place...

May 13, 2005 06:00 PM Shortest project ever.

We finished off our work in Germany and cleaned out the camper yesterday. Today, we met up with the other team, which would start from where we left.
We got back home in just a couple of hours. Monday or tuesday I'll be bringing the poolcar back to the office, togheter with all the data we captured and than we will finally be at ease for a good week :o)

May 10, 2005 06:00 PM 2 days Germany?

We had a call from the office yesterday. They wanted us to go to Germany. But because Wouter would go to Greece on monday, we would have to stop after just a few days. So they told us to go to Germany till saturday.
We couldn't believe it...the costs would be way higher than the profits. But we really had to.
So today we went to Tele Atlas in Gent and finally got ourselves a couple of HD's to backup everything we still had on those computers. In the late afternoon we finished off almost all backups, changed the sidecamera from the leftside (for driving in GBR and Ireland) to the rightside and left for Germany. Of course we first passed at our homes to get some clothes and everything, because we already had emptied the camper during our week of holiday.
In the evening we reached the boarder of Germany, where we had to start our 2-day project. The reason why we definately had to go so urgently to Germany became clear when we got our maps for the project, right before we left. There was a very small part which needed to be captured and processed the next week, so the data could be put on the newest GPS CD release. This was because our most important clients come from Germany...

May 02, 2005 06:00 PM Home sweet home

In the morning we reached England, and went onshore not far from Liverpool. In just a couple of hours we reached Dover and docked on a boat to Calais. Because of a strike, there wasn't much personnel left in Calais, wich eventually put us 3 hours on the boat, in stead of the usual 1.5 hours.
It was a little bit strange, driving rightways again, but we managed it quite easily. And around 20 hours, we were home.

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