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Filip's Travel log

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Hi and welcome to my travel-page. Are you up for some exciting stories? Then you are at the right address!!

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Mar 06, 2005 09:00 PM Salon Nautique

We had seen some adds about a boatshow down in La Ciotat. Because we were enjoying the good life too much and the weather was really good, we wanted to go there.
So we drove towards the show and parked on the very frst parking assigned for the show. We started following the marks towards it, just to see what it was. Afterwards we would come back to the camper and get the camera and some money and stuff.
All the parkings were empty and the walk took us quite a while. Well, what did you expect on a monday morning?
Anyway, the price seemed reasonable and it looked (it was an open air event, so you could see stuff without even entering the show) quite nice. So we went back, reparked the camper and went to the show.
We have seen some interesting sailers and organisations. It was all good :o).
After the show we went to the beach next to it, sat ourselves down, out of the wind and started to do some sunning :o). Awsome if you know that at the same time, it was raining and even snowing in Belgium.
After a good hour or so we decided to go look for an internet cafe. We drove through Toulon but couldn't find anything. So we went further towards Marseille and even drove some through Marseille. This way we already know a bit how we had to drive next day, when we would do Marseille itself.
We did find an internet cafe, but couldn't really reach it, or we had to park the camper somewhere in the middle of the city, with no protection at all. This would be a bit too risky. So we drove back towards Toulon, through the mountains and stopped on a beautiful spot.
There was a path going from that spot to the top of a hill. We decided to take a walk and go to the top. That would be the second good exercise that day...aren't we just sporty? :o)
On the top you had an awsome viewing of Marseille and its surroundings. We took some pictures and went back to the camper to stay for the night.

Mar 05, 2005 09:00 PM Nice ending

Today was a slow day. We worked good, but it ended at the beach, where we went to a cafe on the beach itself. We sat down and enjoyed the sunset while drinking something.
When it was time to eat, we went to the local Buffalo Grill and had ourselves a nice american meal. Afterwards we drove back to the beach and stayed there for the night.

Mar 04, 2005 09:00 PM Awsome viewings

We made shorter days, after the resting day. But still, they were filled from morning till evening.
There wasn't much special about those days, in events that is. But the panoramic viewings we got to see during those days were indescribabely beautiful. We took quite some pictures of course and stopped now and then, just to enjoy the viewing. You should have been there or at least seen the pictures in order to understand what I am talking about.
That night we did went to a camping in the neighbourhood. We had for the very first time used the ASCI books Ramon had given us on during our Holland trip. They appeared to be really usefull and we found a nice camping.
Though it told us it had 3 stars, it didn't really seem like it, but the owner was a very friendly man and eventually everything was clean and there was nothing we could complain about it.

Mar 02, 2005 09:00 PM Hard working makes us dull boys

We have been working a couple of days, very long hours. About 12 hours a day. If I would hear this as a mere mortal, it would sound not all that much. But apparently (as I experience it) it truly is exhausting, driving all day long. You have to keep in mind that we almost never stop and just have to be focused whole day long. Certainly when we are driving in the mountains, this ain't easy.
Anyway, we thought we'd get some rest next day. So we woke up a little later than always. It appeared to have snowed at night, this much that it would be really dangerous to try to work. So we decided to stand still whole day. We kept the curtains shut and watched series and movies all day long. Kinda odd to stay inside, but we were really tired, strangely enough.

Feb 26, 2005 09:00 PM Monaco and its money

Today we slept till 10 am. When we woke up, Wouter prepared an English breakfast. A habit we created since England :o).
Anyway, we checked out of the camping we were staying on and drove to Monaco. Today we wanted to see what it all was.
We parked in a special mobile home parking in the center of Monaco. From there we walked through some streets, and visited the ports.
I have NEVER seen such a big private yahts. It was just incredible. Now I know that I'm not rich...I mean, not loaded the way people there are. It was just incredible. There was even a yaht with a helicopter landing spot on it. Can you imagine?
We also saw the roads which are used for the F-1 championship. Crazy...
We took a lot of pictures, it was just special to be in Monaco. And people are really rich over there. You see the biggest and most expensive cars, clothes, juwellery etc... completely crazy. And as ou can see in movies, there are these rich woman, walking around with small dogs...but in the movies, they are just played characters, here, the're really serious about it.
Anyhow, it was a special experience which I will never forget. :o)

Feb 25, 2005 09:00 PM Nice or hell?

Again we woke up quite early and went to work. This time we did Nice. It was one hell of a job, because a whole part of the maps we had, weren't printed, so we had to use the wet finger theory and our experience.
By the end of the day we had done the biggest part of Nice and decided (after some bad weather conditions, which we used to go shop in a huuuge mall) to go to a camping and stop for today (it was 17.30 hours by then).
We could now clean out the camper and take a shower again. Handy, always handy :o).

Feb 24, 2005 09:00 PM Turns like never before

We started working even before 8h, and this was really early for us. We finished of Monaco and drove towards the mountains. We did very small mountainroads and this meant we did lots and lots of bends and turns.
With the camper, this was all much more tyering, because it bends from one side to the other, while taking a corner.
The only real stop we made was to let the engine cool down a bit, late in the afternoon. For the rest of it, we worked ten hours straight. Also this wasn't really our usual way of working.
Again, we stopped in Menton (it had the best place to sleep :o)) and while I did the Quality Check, Wouter made dinner.
I was really tired and lay down on my bed "for 5 minutes".
I woke up at 1 am (in the morning). Still in my clothes of course. I had fallen asleep till that moment. I woke up, got undressed and went back to bed.

Feb 23, 2005 09:00 PM Already troubles...

We had to do some calibration today, so we went to towards Monaco, where we would need to find a large parking place.
This gave us quite a problem, because the whole of Monaco was full of cars and there wasn't the smallest parking place left.
Finally, after asking on a building area, we found a place where we could use the space for just the 10 minutes we needed.
We tried to boot the system, but it crashed. Every time we tried, it kept on crashing. We checked it over and over and couldn't find the origine of the problem.
We called the office and after some explanation and a couple of other tests and calls, they decided they would call the company which makes the hardware of the system.
This would take up a couple of days to solve the problem, so it wasn't really funny. We went back to Menton, where we waited for news.
In the late afternoon we decided to try the system again. This time it worked...
After checking the batteries, we saw that one of the poles was coroded and this might have been the problem. But still the origine, why it coroded, we couldn't really find.
Anyway, we called the office and explained everything. The day after we would start early, so that we would at least do something that week :o).

Feb 22, 2005 09:00 PM Monaco and Italy

Next day we left early and went straight towards the most Southern part, against the frontier of Italy. The viewings were astonishing. I had never seen these panorama's in real life before.
We started working from the highway right above Monaco.
I had never seen these kind of viewings. The panorama's were astinishing. I couldn't believe my own eyes.
We worked all the way too the Italien border and came back to Menton, where se stayed for the night.
It was hard driving in France. Certainly towards Italie, where people are used to driving the most odd ways. Passing right-sides, driving over whole lines, crossing your path at random, pushing you too the edge...
So we were quite tired after a day of working. Even if we simply had to drive a bit around. :O)

Feb 21, 2005 09:00 PM Half-way south

As promised, Wouter came early in the morning to me, we loaded up everything of my stuff and left for Southern France.
We have been driving whole day long. In the evening we ate at a Buffalo Bill's restaurant. If you like to have some good fastfood in an Amercan style, you should really try them.
When we got tired of driving, we stopped at a parking right before Avignon. It was too dangerous to keep on driving.

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