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Avenue of Baobabs at dusk...'s by wojtekd

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information about madagascar  MorondavaMadagascar, Toliara
It is the same Avenue but in the different light we look even more attractive-...
Uploaded: Dec, 20 2005 | Taken: Dec, 09 2005| Viewed: 198 times  | 19 votes

bertison - Jan, 08 2006 06:01pm
unbelievable pic, could be a drawing.

ta-shy - Jan, 08 2006 06:01pm
I love pics like this. They show something very unusual from the norm and it looks good regardless!!

jssage - Jan, 22 2006 01:01pm
yes, digital i think.

mistybleu - Jan, 22 2006 05:01pm
This is a wonderful picture, glad you got POTM for it.

wojtekd - Jan, 22 2006 06:01pm
(author) Thank you dear jurors!. I also like this picture.
But some others think it is not the best quality... you see: 11 votes but only ****... So where is my error?

andreas - Jan, 22 2006 07:01pm
Hi Wojtek. There is one thing I see you could improve. Compare the picture here with the one on the main page. You could run it through a photo software to correct color errors. Hope this helps.

rangutan - Jan, 23 2006 12:01pm
" the different light we look even more attractive." Other than a bit of failing colour contrast, the photo is for me a perfect 5*. Some members might just be put off thinking of the fat & lazy?

mortimer - Jan, 23 2006 01:01pm
Hi Wojtek look here for some details about your picture:
These are my personal findings, might give you another idea :-)

mortimer - Jan, 23 2006 01:01pm
Oh and don't bother about the **** showing on this site :-) look on your picture gallery overview and then you'll find it being ***** and number 2 of your list :-) (at the moment)

krisek - Feb, 13 2008 01:02pm
A great shot Wojtku! I can see you were there when the trees had leaves. When I went they had none.

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