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Thanks for stopping by and looking at my offerings. Happy and safe traveling.

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Joined: Apr 05
Points: 66

Hi Russ

Posted: 2005-04-21 12:41 PM   
Thanks for the message! I look forward to sharing my pictures with people !



Joined: Apr 05
Points: 371

Thank you

Posted: 2005-04-07 10:48 PM   
Thanks Russ for your valuable comment/advice on my report. Shall do.


Joined: Aug 04
Points: 53340

More than Cairns

Posted: 2005-04-07 03:08 AM   
Russ, thanks for stopping by on my site and reading my report.

It really helps to get feedback.





Joined: Apr 04
Points: 17984

Thailand's West Coast

Posted: 2005-04-04 08:00 AM   
Hi Russ,

Many thanks for not only taking the trouble to read my latest report on Thailand's West Coast but also to comment upon it and, indeed, rate it so highly. I enjoy my writings on here almost as much as the trips themselves - and - I now find that I am thinking of the report and illustrating it whilst I'm touring. It adds to my travel enjoyment and experiences.

Many thanks,

Cheers, Brit


Joined: Mar 05
Points: 53


Posted: 2005-03-27 05:29 AM   
Its all about paradise here!


Joined: Dec 04
Points: 34719

Sixt comment

Posted: 2005-03-01 07:27 AM   
Thanks for the comment. I have only one more to come with mountain photos, I'm afraid - but we are booked for a trip to Peru in September.
Cheers, David


Joined: Dec 03
Points: 4025

Beautiful Mt. Rainier

Posted: 2005-02-26 03:45 AM   
Hi Russ,

I'm not sure how I found you, but I'm glad I did. You have some beautiful shots of Seattle and Mt. Rainier. I get to see that every day, but I don't think to take photos of the place where I live. I think I should do a slide show of my favorite places around here. I hope you enjoyed your visit!

I also went to Cancun, Chichen Itza, and Isla Mujeras. I have a slide show of Chichen Itza, if you would like to check it out.

I am going to Las Vegas on March 7th, and plan to have daily postings in my first travel log. I'm going to a convention, but I will have lots of free time too. I love Vegas! I don't gamble much or drink, but the "adult Disneyland" environment is lots of fun.

Later, James


Joined: Jul 04
Points: 15194

Mesa Verde

Posted: 2005-02-25 11:59 PM   
Thanks for the comments on my report. I'm glad you liked it.


Joined: Dec 04
Points: 34719


Posted: 2005-02-24 06:41 AM   
Thanks for the comment. I'm rather hoping somebody might follow up with something on Herculaneum.
Cheers, David


Joined: Dec 04
Points: 34719

Thanks, Russ

Posted: 2005-02-19 08:27 AM   
for your comment on my Plitvice site. It's certainly somewhere I am glad to have seen.
Cheers, David

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