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Hey there, pull up a chair and make youreself welcome. Drop me a line if you wanna share some tips on trips the world over .

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Joined: Aug 04
Points: 34752


Posted: 2005-10-30 06:12 AM   
Wow Mister GLOBO (handsome new profile pic), you sure do have a wonderfull collection of butterflies under "friends". The list would make a perfect base for selecting a "Miss GLOBO", they are beautiful! :-)


Joined: Oct 05
Points: 6

Hello to you

Posted: 2005-10-29 10:57 AM   
Wrong side of the border ehh,you would get shot if you said that round here mate ha ha.
This is a good site,dont suppose you have noticed the hot chicks on here either.
Thanks for the message,


Joined: May 05
Points: 141

hello :)

Posted: 2005-10-27 05:10 AM   
I'm home... oh my god... I hate school! I have "F" from my English teacher!! rotfl... and "D" in maths... but it's a bad day for me... I have headache... and only thing that I'm dreamig of is go to bed...hehe

miłego dnia <- good day



Joined: Jun 05
Points: 85

you asked about my photo...

Posted: 2005-10-26 11:25 PM   
Hi, there! no, it´s not in Holland. I tooked it in Graz (in Austria), last year, i lived there 7 months, a great small city...
Sorry, I don´t have digital photos from México, normally i use a film kamera. (but I have some photos from Japan)
Ok, see you. keep in touch!


Joined: Aug 03
Points: 19539

Boogie Boards

Posted: 2005-10-26 11:17 AM   
LOL - I agree - boards are better. Those two would be quite the sight on boards though - both are now freshman college basketball players and both 6'5". For myself, I would rather be under the water then on top of it!

Thanks for taking a look at my pictures! I appreciate the comments! You've got some great ones too - the penguins are probably my favorite.



Joined: May 05
Points: 141


Posted: 2005-10-26 11:00 AM   
I can't surf! I only can surf on the internet ;) ;) but I was swimming in this sea... This water was soooooo cold! but the coolest thing in the hague was drink coffie in grote markt :))) The weather beautiful... sun... solar wind... ahh :D
I must go to sleep(tomorrow at 7.30 to school) so bye bye :)
talk to you soon :)


Joined: May 05
Points: 141

hey there!

Posted: 2005-10-26 10:12 AM   
hello :) Yeah, my mothers husband live in hague so I'm there in every holidays. I very like this place! I was in Sheveningen, Voorburg, Utrecht...sorry 4 my veeeery bad english but I'm learning this language only 6 years ROTFL ;)
p.s. I will try to take some photos of cracow and upload here :)


Joined: Aug 04
Points: 53340

Many thanks

Posted: 2005-10-24 04:30 PM   
Hey Matt,

It's nice to hear from you, and thanks for the compliment. I've been trying to take better pictures, not sure its working, but any whoo...

Catch ya later


Joined: Jun 04
Points: 15075

The chap...

Posted: 2005-10-24 06:28 AM   
is actually a girl, Mia is her name and in february she'll be three... we have a lot of fun together... ;-)

talk to you later


Joined: Dec 04
Points: 34719


Posted: 2005-10-24 04:31 AM   
Hi Matt
Thanks for the comment on my photos. The one thing that saddens me is the low number of people who ever seem to take a look. I try to rate everything new
Cheers, David

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