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Aarhus - A travel report by Lyssky
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Aarhus,  Denmark - flag Denmark -  Århus
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Denmark going digital and offering free trip there

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These 48 Hours in Denmark guys in Denmark are trying to figure out how to talk to the new breed of digital tourists. They want to talk to the first movers, and are offering a free trip to Denmark in return for your Twitter and lifestreaming tips.

The river that runs through Aarhus city after hours.
The river that runs through Aarhus city after hours.
I'm half Danish and have to admit I'm not entirely impartial in this thing, because I know one of the people who is working on the project. Still, it’s an interesting idea and it might be cool for some people here to take a look at. Possible free trip to Denmark involved. The ideas is that they want you to tell them how you use GPS, Twitter, Facebook, blogs and Lifestreaming before, during and after your travels.

You have to make a quick Youtube video telling them how you use the services, and then they will pick the best applicants to come to Denmark and show them themselves. 
So there’s a free trip in it for the winner, plus you get to influence “the future of tourism”, or something. I've been to Aarhus a few times, and it's a pretty neat place. Not huge by UK standards, but lots to do and see.

The sites is called, if you want to read more about it.

Favourite spots:
Aarhus Aa, which is Danish for the Aarhus stream. Cafees and bars all along the river that runs through town.

Den Gamle By, the old town, which is a collection of original old houses and buildings, moved from around Denmark. 100 % authentic, and nothing like the Barcelona version.

What's really great:
That everything is in walking distance! (Well, almost everything). Oh, and everyone (really) speaks English.

The cathedral.

Hotels or hostels are pretty good in general, bit pricy.

Simoncini Whine Restaurant, very good, bit pricy.

Emmery's Baker, great Danish pastry - get it?

Other recommendations:
Take a walk along the harbour, it's interesting to see the old industrial stuff that seems to be no longer in use.

Published on Monday April 6th, 2009

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