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daniserralta Angkor Village - A travel report by Dani
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Angkor Village,  Cambodia - flag Cambodia -  Si«m Réab
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daniserralta's travel reports

Sleeping zone for the Angkor temples explorers.

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Angkor Village travelogue picture
Cambodia is sometimes and somewhere unsafe. Because of some people, for the land-mines and for the political unestability ... but Angkor temples area is completly amazing and nothing can stop you to see this kind of wonders.
Siem Reab is a little town about 6 kilometers south Angkor temples.
It have not too much to offer, the central market, the crocodiles farm or the landmines NGO-museum are the best sights there.
Take care at night cause is not recommended to walk alone in the dark.

Favourite spots:
Angkor Village travelogue picture
Angkor temples area. Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Sra Sreng, Banteay Sra, Ta Phrom, Ta Som, The Pimenakas, and a very long etc of temples all arround. Amazing place, men, amazing!!
Despite the children trying to sell you everything and the noise all around till they find another one to try to sell him something and let you go.
Also interesting is Siem Reab with the crocodiles farm and the land mines museum, this landmines NGO-museum is near of the south Angkor entrance and managed by an ex-Khmer Rouge soldier called AKI.

What's really great:
The temples!!!! Was the best of Cambodia for me, no doubt!! You can avoid the dangers of this country just to see the temples area.
Was really special meet Roian at Sra Sreng temple.
Roian is a little girl really fun cause she is a hard character, also fun, active and really much more clever than the other kids.
We were talking 2 hours during and after the sunrise at Sra Sreng Temple.
Was nice and fun. I hope all will be nice in the future for her.

Angkor Village travelogue picture
The best sights there obviously is the Angkor temples area.
I can stay writing for hours about all the temples so i will just recommend the central Angkor Wat, the Angkor Thom, the Phimeneakas, Tha Prom with the great trees over the temples, Sra Sreng for the Sunrises and Banteay mount temple for the sunsets.
The Crocodiles farm with divided areas to see diferent ages and measures of this animal.
Did you ever seen 3 meters long crocos??
Land mines NGO-museum.

The Lucky guesthouse. 3USD$/night It´s not at the central street but not so far.
That´s good because you can avoid here the anoying sound of the trucks and old motorbikes going up and down.
Have an excelent restaurant at the second floor from where you can see great sunsets while talking with other travelers.
Smile Guesthouse, Mom´s guesthouse, etc are also good ones.
From the guesthouses area you have to rent a motorbike to go to the temples. (6 usd$ for a motorbike and driver for all the day long visiting temples)

There are some at Siem Reab central, near the market but remember that is not safe area to walk at night and worst if you are drunk.
Maybe is better get drunk with other backpackers at your guesthouse.

Published on Sunday August 11th, 2002

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Sun, Jan 14 2007 - 03:23 PM rating by mrscanada

Very interesting I like it a lot.

Tue, Oct 14 2003 - 09:09 AM rating by amitabh_kundan

Well,some historical background should be added to your article. You may be aware that Angkor thome was a capital city of the ancient Combodia.Angkor vat i.e. the temple area was a part of that capital city. Combodia was hisorically known as Ang dweep . Dweep is a Hindi version of island. Ang dweep was ruled by the persons who were gone to that place 200B.C. from the Ang Mahajanpad(state) of India. This Ang Mahajanpad is presently covers the part of 21nos. of district of Bihar state of India. The present Bhagalpur city(Champa is the ancient name) of Bihar was capital of this Ang Mahajanpad. The language which is spoken by the inhibitent of the Ang pradesh(Area) is named as 'Angika'.

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