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jetdude Brazov - A travel report by jorge
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Brazov,  Romania - flag Romania -  Bra¶ov
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jetdude's travel reports

Transylvania for the weekend ! ...........

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Planned a trip to Transylvania during my work-week, and since my kid wanted to go to Dracula's Castle, we took off for my four-day weekend to Brazov ! ......

My kid arrived to meet me in Houston, TX. where I'm stationed, and we took the direct flight to Amsterdam (AMS) to conect with KLM to Bucharesti Otopeni Airport (OTP), a car rental was waiting for us. We flew with a great airline, Continental Airlines, and got to AMS to kill 3-4 hrs. Took our flight to OTP and arrived there at around midnite, the car rental place was closed, so we rented a car with a local car rental place. Got the car and asked the polcice officer which way to Brazov?. Get out of the airport and the avenue you'll come to, make a right and go straight until you get to Brazov, about 300Kms, I can't remember. It's already 2 AM and we climbed up the Carpatians, it's june and we got snow ! . We stopped in a road hotel to spend the night and pay about US$20.00 for both. next morning we got up and got to Brazov. beautiful little city. Got a delicious bk/fast and continue to the castles in the region. We visited one right on the outskirts of Brazov, and then we drove to Dracula's castle. Used during the time of the invasions of the Otoman Turks to Europe and afterwards was given to the royal family, then was abandoned to be refurbished to be given back to the royals at the begining of the XIX century, it became royal residency and then it was given back to the state to became museum. Great building and you can apreciate all the strata from the different stages of construction . After visitng the town near by, we bought some Dracula Beer, some Dracula Vodka, and some more Dracula stuff and turn back to Brazov for diner. In one of downtown Brazov best restaurant we had a great diner for a very reasonable price (cheap) a couple of beers and head back to Bucharesti. We took a different road back, but it wasn't a scenic as the previous one, so we just turn back and drove thru the Carpathians again. What a drive ! . We stopped over a WWI cemetery and found a WWII cemetery too. I found out that there's not much tourism going to Romania, and we confirmed

Favourite spots:
... that by noticing that the only place with tourists was in the castle of Dracula ! , and it was just a handful. We drove back to Bucharesti and spent the night on a motel near by, a little off the highway from Brazov and right by a lake. At about 0400 hrs. we got up, went to retunr the car, and catched our flight to Paris (CDG) with Air France to conect with Continental to Houston (IAH). One night and two days in Romania, two nights on the air, just beautiful and well worthed ! .

What's really great:
-Romanian beer and their food !. -Dracula's Castle. -Brazov. -The people.

-The road itself from Bucharesti to Brazov climbing the Carpathians it's just beautiful ! .........

-Hotel Ana, on the road to Brazov, about 35 kms before the city. About US$20.00 double room with shower and TV in the room.

any restaurant in downtown Brazov, they are cheap and good ! . Try the local dishes and beer ! .

Other recommendations:
lots of castles ! .........

Published on Monday June 7th, 2004

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