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Kalvaag - A travel report by Vibeke
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Kalvaag,  Norway - flag Norway -  Sogn og Fjordane
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The best kept coastal village in Norway

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Jun 2003

Kalvaag travelogue picture
Kalvaag is a village located on the island Froya (which is mostly referred to as Kalvaag). It's the best-conserved original coastal village of Norway. The island has a population of approx. 600. In the tourist season the population can more than double. Most tourists are from Germany, Norway, France and The Netherlands. On the island you can find a supermarket, bank (with ATM), church (protestant) and a restaurant with a pub and often also live music. The restaurant also functions as a tourist-information office. For more information and pictures, please go to:

Favourite spots:
Kalvaag travelogue picture
Nesje: When I still lived there, I usually biked to Nesje every afternoon. It's beautiful, basic and quiet. Grotlesanden: This beach could have been stolen from Hawaii. The palm-trees are missing, but it's clean, spacey and comes with a house with showers and toilets.

What's really great:
Kalvaag travelogue picture
Kalvaag is a very small and calm place. In the summer it's the most beautiful place in the world. During the winter it's mostly very hostile. It rains a lot and hurricanes are not seldom. These variations make Kalvaag one of the most fascinating places on earth. When staying in Kalvaag, you can enjoy a lot of very different activities. The island is basically a mountain in the middle of the sea. This allows you to combine fishing with hiking and a relaxing time on the beach. Kalvaag is the most beautiful in the rain, and is therefore the wettest place in Europe.

Kalvaag travelogue picture
Hornelen: This is the tallest sea-cliff in northern Europe. There are excursions to the top, and the view is extraordinary. According to the myth, this is where the witches gathered on mid-summer night.

Bontelabo : This is a small, artificially made beach. It takes about 15 minutes to walk there from the town centre. Personally I recommend Grotlesanden.

Vingen: Rock-drawings from the stoneage.

Frøysjøen: This is the name of the sea surrounding Kalvaag. You can rent boats, and you can get one of the local fishermen as a guide. Fishing here is very good (does not require a licence).

Kalvaag travelogue picture
I absolutely recommend living in a restored boat-house, called a Rorbu. Originally these were used by fishermen to prepare their equipment, and they also spent their nights there. Now most of them have been changed into vacation-houses for tourists, and you’ll find they are of high standard. These houses are always placed on the sea-side, and mostly come with a small boat with an outboard engine.

Further there are some houses and quite some rooms to rent.

Kalvaag travelogue picture
There are no clubs. There are, however, often dances organized in the restaurant. When the weather allows it, they take place outside. Usually there are live bands.
If you come in the summer, you might also want to visit the music festival, Rock Weekend.

There is a very nice pub in the town-centre. Even if you're not a drinker, it's definitely worth a visit. The whole pub has been built in a coastal theme.

Kalvaag travelogue picture
Knutholmen: This restaurant is famous for it's sea-food. In the summer there are often dances and live-music as well. Mostly there is some kind of buffet on Sundays.

Other recommendations:
There are a lot of different hiking-routes on and around Frøya. Ask around when you're there.

Published on Tuesday June 3th, 2003

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Thu, Nov 05 2009 - 03:58 AM rating by annagreg

Excelent repport! We will have to visit that place as we actually live quite close...

Thu, Jun 15 2006 - 01:36 AM rating by davidx

What a splendid report!

Mon, Jun 30 2003 - 10:49 AM rating by admin

Verry nice report. Will be concidered for the report of the month June 2003

Tue, Jun 10 2003 - 09:44 AM rating by cycleboy

Very helpful informations and the pictures are great!

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