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chanchira Kuala Lumpur - A travel report by Chanchira
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Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia - flag Malaysia -  Wilayah Persekutuan
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chanchira's travel reports

Things you should know if you go to KL

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This is the first time I go to KL, want to share you guys useful info. Both good and bad things. I learn lessons from this trip. All about hotels, shopping areas, food, taxi.

I have asked the hotel to arrange a limo for me and I'm happy to pay 150 RM ( almost 40 USD). Normally if you take express train from the airport to town, it's about 35 RM only. Because of my big luggage, I need to take a taxi. I expect comfort from a limo, then big disappointment happend as it's not a limo, it's just an old taxi. I found out later that taking a taxi like this costs only 70 RM. I was tired from travelling so don't want to talk about it, just ignore ! Actually it's not a mistake from taxi, it's just the hotel take an advantage from me but I want to point out that you can not trust anybody.

Favourite spots:
I like shopping in KL as clothes and shoes are cheaper than Thailand. There are many places for you to shop. It's great that I stayed in a hotel near Bintan Walk, Park Plaza Hotel. This area is where most malls are located, for example Isetan, Sungai Wang, Lot 10. You can spend hours enjoy walking around this area.

What's really great:
My gosh !!! I love taxi here, sooooo much. Firstly I have to admit that this is sacarstic. I had bad experience since my first use. It happened in the evening while it rained so hard in KL. I called a taxi back to the hotel. It would cost only 5 RM as it's so close. If you walk, it would take only 10 RM but that day I got lots of heavy things with me. Here in KL, you need to agree the price with the taxi driver before you get in. He's ok at 5 RM. While I was sitting there, taxi driver was talking to me nicely and gave me lots of compliment about my look. I didn't care about it. Right after that he was trying to increase the price to 1O RM. I refused. He kept talking of many things. I was bored and didn't want to hear him talking. I gave him 7 RM when I got off. What a man !!

I have stayed 2 places in KL. My first hotel is Corus Hotel. The room is clean and nice but it's quite small. Please note that you have to pay 15% extra from room charge per night. This is for tax and service charge. I have paid 180 RM++ include breakfast. I don't really enjoy breakfast there as the food there is not various. I also don't like the location of this hotel so I have moved to other place called Park Royal Plaza. Here is more expensive, 220 RM++ room only. The room is a lot nicer and location is great as it nears many shopping malls. Staying in this area, you can shop till 10 pm and it's safe as people still walks around. Come and stay here, you will like it

I didn't go to any fancy restaurants, just had burgers from MC Donalds, pizza.... But I found something very good for your pocket which you can save lots of money. In Isetan, all good quality Japanses food will be reduced the price, 30% after 6 pm and 50% after 8 pm. It was so cheap if you eat late :)

Food in Malaysia is not expensive at all. Except from hotels.

Published on Sunday November 21th, 2004

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Sat, Sep 16 2006 - 06:26 AM rating by mrscanada

I've always wanted to visit the high lands of Malaysia.

Sun, Dec 05 2004 - 08:52 AM rating by shsmrsb

We found taxi drivers in KL very accommodating and honest, so can only suggest you were very unlucky! We have also had excellent transfers arranged by the hotels we have used, so again you were either unlucky, or we have been fortunate! Don't let it put you off further use. Good luck on a return visit.

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