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kcheepv Lop Buri - A travel report by Kim
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Lop Buri,  Thailand - flag Thailand -  Lop Buri
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Lopburi Thailand

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Lop Buri travelogue picture
LopBuri was a spur of the moment decision for me. Originally I was heading to Sukothai from Khorat but decided at the bus station to go to LopBuri instead. Definitely glad I made that decision. I love ruins and monkeys so in turn, I loved Lopburi.
Lopburi was controled by the Khmer's in the 10th century.Sometime during the 13th century the Thai's regained control. It was the second capital of thailand after Ayuthaya.
Quite a few scattered ruins in the city. Macaque's greatly inhabit 2 that I visited. Phra Kaan Shrine and Phra Prang Sam Yot. The latter being a Hindu Shrine then later converted into a Buddhist temple under the reign of King Narai. Beware the 2 blocks or so that the monkeys make their homes. You will notice them on the powerlines, roofs of bldgs, crossing the streets, on top of cars, under cars, on the sidewalks, everywhere. Planet of the Monkeys. Don't walk underneath them you may get wet. Take a peek down an alley or along a storefront. You may see some locals with their weapon of choice against the monkeys, the slingshot.
Seemed to be a laid back city. Very friendly locals. Decent night market along the rr tracks in the evenings. Plenty of internet places and street shopping in the side streets. There is a city zoo although I didn't visit it.

Favourite spots:
Lop Buri travelogue picture
Phra Prang Sam Yoo, decent ruins with lots of monkeys all around. Prang Khaek, very small ruin site. Phra Kaan Shrine, ruins with newer temple built onto it. Lots of monkeys dropping into their pool or on the otherside eating the fruits & veggies brought by the locals. Wat Phra Sri Rattanamahathat, decently large ruin site. Wat Nakhon Kosa, smaller ruin site. All of these sites were withing a short walking distance from the Asia Hotel. Most were free to enter.

What's really great:
Lop Buri travelogue picture
Visiting Phra Prang Sam Yod in the late afternoon with no other people. Just you and the monkeys can be quite soothing. Also enjoyed the fact that there were not many tourists in town. The few travelers I did see seemed to come in by tour bus for just a few hours then head onward. The great food at the night market was a bonus. And for so cheap!

Lop Buri travelogue picture
If you were to ask me, I think 2 days is plenty for Lopburi. Maybe just 1 if you have the whole day. I think a half day for the ruins and monkey areas. Could be stretched into a full day depending on how much you enjoy ruins. Definitely stay for dinner at the night market then catch up on some internet during the evening. The next day could be spent riding around the outskirts of Lopburi. You never know what you will find.

Lop Buri travelogue picture
Asia Hotel- hw, tv, ac, clean, great location walk to ruins and monkeys. 300B/night. They had a Karaoke room as well. Across from
Narai Ratchaniwet Palace. They give you a very useful map to use around town at the Asia Hotel. Ask if you don't get one.
Close to internet, train station, ruins restaurants and a small, nightly food market.

For restaurants definitely the night market which sets up along the rail road tracks. Thai noodles, padthai, roti, satay, waffles, noodle soups, duck, much more. Eat for 15-20B. You will leave full! If you are not brave with street food there is a KFC about a block from the tracks near the monkey ruins area.
Real Thai coffee can be had in the mornings from street vendors. Make sure you point to the net/filter hanging in the pot or you may get some instant Nescafe.

Other recommendations:
There are a few trains a day heading to Bangkok and Ayuthaya for (13B to Ayuthaya). You can also catch the train Northward from here. Up to Chiang Mai if you wish. The train station is near where the night market sets up. You can walk from the Asia Hotel.
From the bus station you can get anywhere. Buses leave all day long to lots of destinations all over Thailand. Very very cheap prices too. The bus station is a little ways from the ruins and Asia Hotel area. You can take a motocycle taxi from the bus station to your hotel for 30B or a little less.

Published on Sunday February 15th, 2004

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