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soyazur Mojacar - A travel report by Juan Antonio
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Mojacar,  Spain - flag Spain
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Mojácar, where the sun lives

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Sun, beaches, architecture, nightlife, summer and spring all the year, desert landscape... these are what you feel and see when you arrive to this village.

Mojácar village
Mojácar village
Mojácar is one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean. Located in Almería province, southern Spain, near the wonderful Cabo de Gata-Níjar natural park. A visit is more than a trip and Mojácar is open to everybody. Mojácar is dividided in two parts, Mojácar pueblo and playa (village & beach). The antique village is located in a hill approximately 4 km far from the beach, there, you can 'submerge' in the labyrinth of the streets, smell the orange blossom of the gardens and feel the real essence of the Spanish people. Mojácar has a rich monumental heritage, the whole antique village (Mojácar Pueblo) is very interesting, you can visit fountains, you can see and admire the popular architecture of the houses, churchs, full of flowers squares... and you can see the unforgettable dusk from the Plaza Nueva Square.

Favourite spots:
El Cantal beach
El Cantal beach
It is an unforgettable experience to do scuba diving in Mojacar's beaches. It is also exceptional to swim in the Mediterranean crystalline waters and see the natural volcanic rocks in the beaches. There are also coral reefs which are Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO.

There are more than 15 kilometres of beaches, more than 10 kilometres in nature, without houses and any building. Mojácar is a typical southern village, there are not any building, all are two-floors white detached homes, Mojácar beach imitates the antique architecture of the village.

What's really great:
It is impossible to say one special thing, all the village is magician and really beautiful. Medieval, fruits, typical products... are exposed every week in pinturesque street markets. But Mojácar is also modern, there are international mark shops, in Parque Comercial you can find what you want. This village is very cosmpolitan, many Europeans who have discovered it come every year to breath the pure Mediterranean air, to see the blue sky and to feel the sea waves and the sun... Mojácar is located in the province which more sun receives in Europe, more than 3500 hours. It is also the province in Europe with less rains, so you can go there without fear of getting wet for rains.

Mirador de la Plaza Nueva
Mirador de la Plaza Nueva
Forget your car and go to the natural beaches by cycle or by foot, there are fantastic views of the desert and the sea. It is nice to view Mojácar nature. If you like to walk, you can go to impressive places to take photos or relaxing. Mountains near the sea or little watchtowers offer us beautiful sights of the region.

Mirador del Castillo is a square on the top of the village, there we can see one of the nicest views: Mediterranean sea, mountains and the village white houses... Also you can see beautiful sights from Judería neighbourghood.

Beach resort
Beach resort
There are a lot of hotel resorts, near the beach and in the mountain. Hotel El Moresco, in Mojácar Pueblo, is a nice hotel to stay with beautiful views. Hotel Best Mojácar Beach is a luxury resort in front of the Mediterranean. Anyway hotels in Mojácar and Spain are mostly cheap and nice.

There are little hotels with a lot of charming, Pensión El Torreón is very famous one. It is said Walt Disney was born there. It is easy to find a nice, a little and a cheap hotel in the narrow streets of the village.

In the 70's, Mojácar was frequented by Hollywood actors like Ava Gardner, Marlon Brando, Rita Hayworth... it is beacause in this province, Almería, directors found a good scenary to the films. These artists went to the luxury Parador Nacional, near the beach.

Nightlife in Mojácar, like the rest of Spain, has a special feeling. Discos, night parties, pubs, flamenco dances restaurants... are opened all the night. Budú or La Muralla are two of the nicest pubs in Mojácar. It is impossible not to repeat a party of Mojácar's nightlife.

Mediterranean and Spanish restaurants are famous around the world. There are nice international restaurants but it is impossible to understand not to eat in a Spanish typical restaurant. In southern Spain, tapas are indispensable. There many famous restaurants in Mojácar, El Parador Nacional, Casa Adelina...

Other recommendations:
If you go to Mojácar, you must visit Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park. Sandy beaches, volcanos, white villages, natural monuments... make Cabo de Gata-Níjar an exceptional place (

Also it is nice to visit Tabernas desert, the unique real European desert.

Published on Wednesday August 30th, 2006

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Thu, Aug 31 2006 - 03:50 PM rating by st.vincent

Good first report, interesting to read, thanks

Wed, Aug 30 2006 - 12:04 PM rating by karlakern

In this afternoon I was read three excellent reports Lylas's, and your two reports, I like so much the beach I live near of a beach, on the Ocean Pacific, but each beach of the world is special. Nice report and pics. Adiós! *-)

Wed, Aug 30 2006 - 08:30 AM rating by mrscanada

Wow I'd like to crawl into the picture of the beach.


Wed, Aug 30 2006 - 04:36 AM rating by marianne

Good first report, I only wish you had written more because Mojácar sounds quite interesting. Good photos especially El Cantal Beach

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