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downundergal Moreton Island - A travel report by Kerrie
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Moreton Island,  Australia - flag Australia -  Queensland
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downundergal's travel reports

Day trip to Tangalooma Resort

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Ready to chill out on a sunny laid back island close to one Australia’s capital cities?

Far from the madding crowds but only an hour by ferry from Brisbane this island is an oasis of relaxation.

View on arrival.
View on arrival.
Tangalooma Resort is located on Moreton Island, the second largest sand island in the world and 98% National Park, it offers some great opportunities to see wildlife both on land and sea and natural Aussie bush.

Favourite spots:
Those dots at the top are people! And yes, this is what you come sailing down on your belly.
Those dots at the top are people! And yes, this is what you come sailing down on your belly.
All the sights here have to do with nature.

When we arrived one of the staff were feeding fish to a beautiful Sea Hawk that was circling far above before swooping down to take the fish as she threw it in the air before it hit the water. There was also a trio of Pelicans that were catching the fish that she threw. The funniest were the cheeky Cormorants running along the pier trying to steal the fish from the girl when she wasn't looking.

There is also a Marine pond with educational talks conducted regularily. It contained a huge box fish and a trigger fish amongst many of other varieties of fish.

One of the biggest attractions is the nightly wild dolphin feeding with up to seven dolphins coming in at around 7pm to say hello. When you book a stay a dolphin feeding session is included. How magical, they are actually wild but know where to come for a fresh fish dinner.

What's really great:
Four wheel drive bus
Four wheel drive bus
The highlight for me was the Desert Safari tour, a half hour ride in a four wheel drive bus.It takes you through the bush over some very rutted roads, don’t forget it all sand and unsealed where you finally end up at “The Desert”. This is where it’s biggest, steepest sand dunes are found. After seeing the rainbow of colours found in the sand, which sounds boring but it was really interesting and included natural silica or “glass”. Then, it’s time to wax up your “board” that is a strip of low tech masonite and then it’s a very strenuous climb to the top of the sand mountain where you lay down on your board precariously balanced on the precipice before you launch down as fast as you possibly can. Keep the nose up or you could be in for one terrible sand burn – just like one of our girls did – she ending up with sand in her eyes, mouth and places I am sure she never knew existed. Some of group went up for a replay but the climb I just couldn’t do it again. Cost for the tour $25.

Viww of the wreck just down from the main beach
Viww of the wreck just down from the main beach
A quick boat ride up the main beach takes you a wreck anchored just off the beach with some great snorkeling in and around. We didn’t have time for this which was a real pity as the water is crystal clear so visibility would have been fantastic.

The downstairs of the villa
The downstairs of the villa
Accommodation ranges from hotel rooms, beachcomber suites with kitchenettes.

But the pick would be the two storey villas which sleep up to 8 with upstairs having 3 bedrooms and bathrooms and downstairs a combined lounge room with a sofa bed, dining area and kitchen with a convection microwave. They also offer some nice views across the bay

There are 5 restaurants in the resort with one of the two day time choices being the Beach Bar. They offer Seafood platters for $35 with a great selection of prawns, oysters and some of Queensland’s fabulous Moreton Bay bugs. A bug is like a small stubby lobster about 10cms long and is delicious. Huge burgers at $16.50, a great Greek salad for $12.50 and so on. All of these can be enjoyed under the shady palm frond covered tables and chairs scattered around the area all with a great view of the bay.

There is also a snack bar at the opposite end selling pita rolls and sandwiches and the like. The bar offers beer on tap, cocktails and wine by the glass.

The restaurant "Chefs" is a night time affair and there is also a lunch buffet in the "Steakhouse" but how could you be inside when the weather is just so glorious!

Other recommendations:
Enjoy the view
Enjoy the view
You can also go Quad biking, body boarding, diving and so on.

The only way to get to Tangalooma is by ferry. It took 1 and a half hours on the way over and 1 hour on the way back. It also can get very rough.

About half of the cruising time is spent on the Brisbane River so that is interesting itself due to all the shipping. We were watching two tiny tugs pulling around a huge tanker that was so wide and long it was hard to comprehend that it was possible.

On calmer days you also get the chance to sight sea turtles, dolphins, dugongs. Like most of the east coast of Australia you also have the opportunity to whale watch between June and October.

This is a great place for an escape for a day or if you are lucky overnight stay.

Published on Saturday December 2th, 2006

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Thu, Dec 07 2006 - 11:16 AM rating by davidx

It sounds just what I could do with right now!

Wed, Dec 06 2006 - 10:43 AM rating by marianne

This sounds like a very relaxed place. Is it very popular? Your photos show peace and quiet, they are really nice. I especially like the ones of the dunes (with the black dots as people) It reminds me of the sand dunes in Tunisia

Wed, Dec 06 2006 - 03:09 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

excellent report and nice pictures in report has added more fun to it,great work

Sat, Dec 02 2006 - 04:50 PM rating by rangutan

I love these "break-out-of-the-city" reports. This prooves, one does not have to travel far by plane to create an adventure, there is a lot on our doorsteps to discover! [4.2]

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