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Nesebr - A travel report by branislav
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Nesebr,  Bulgaria - flag Bulgaria -  Burgas
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boogie_serb's travel reports

serb invasion on cheap nesebar

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nesebar is an old city on bulgarian coast,'coz of it's lovleyness nesebar become the big tourist highlight. we decided to travel by train,'coz of that way is funniest and cheap..and it was,few liters of serbian brandy made it the best trip i ever had.

nesebar got beautifull old part where u can buy all kinds of souvenires,cheap copies of world's best clothing marks:la costa,burrberry,ston-e old nesebar there rn't many places to stay,if u wanna stay in a hotel go in the sunny beach(5 minutes bus drive),but i'm recomending the private lodging,it's cheaper and if u r lucky u can share ur appartmant with 3 beautifull bulgarian women (like we do;)in nesebar r many serbian,greece and bulgarian national restorants,pub's with cheap but excellent beer,there r two very clean sand beaches with a lot of hot chics sun bathing and playin' aware of exchange offices with low currency quotes,and gipsy kids who can steal ur vallet on the beach or street. next to nesebar is sunny beach,beautifull high category hotels and biggest clubs and discoteqes i had ever seen.don't forget to go to lazur,mania...those disco's r right places for crazy night mania there r a lot of ladies of the night,btw those girls r expencive to average serbian as i'm ,so i didn't try to ask how much,but if u r a rich businessman... bulgarian national cuisine is excellent as well as the wine and spirits (specially brandy called rakia).if u love beer more,u got almost all europ's best trade marks,and at very cheap prices 'coz it's produced in bulgarian beers r :kamenitza (try to find hard kamenitza it's 'bout 11%),zagorka,ariana,-burgasko...kamenitza is the best one. bulgarian women r good looking (not good as serb ones but...they r ok),very honest and funlovin'. accept bulgarians and serbs there r also a lot of:germans,scandinav-ians,russians... russian girls r the best looking girls i have ever seen,scandinavian girls look perfect but when they hear u r from serbia they run miles away from u (probably 'coz of number of serb criminals there)-if u wanna sayi love u to scandinavian girl u say yail alskarai;) so go there,drink as maniac,take a good swim,change a few chics...that's wot a call a vacation!!

Favourite spots:
there r a lot of lovley places in nesebar as well as in sunny beach: TEQUILA BAR-cheapest tequila on the planet,it's a boat 50 meters from coast...take a bottle of tequila and have fun. SRBSKA SKARA-restourant with serb cuisine,there is no place like home;) GERGANA-to me it's the best restorant in nesebar,bulgarian cuisine,good shopska sallad in town. SERB PUB on the nesebar side of 9 km beach is a perfect place for day fun,it's allways full of drunk serb guys and chics dancin' on tables even in the morning (u can steal a pint when they r not looking). LAZUR-craziest disco in BG,it's very big,the drinks r cheap and when u r drunk enough u can jump in the pool (as i did).it's in sonney beach. MANIA-it's a big discoteque,first floor is electric club music second is bulgarian national music,both clubs r good,on the second floor there r a lot of bulgarian criminals...and beautifull blondes. HOLLYWOOD SELECT-it's a chain of coctail clubs. IRISH PUB....etc.

What's really great:
i liked our train trip,it was great we meet a lot of intrestin ppl,drank tones of alcohool... i liked our settlle...nice and clean apartmant... i liked bulgarian girls:nadja,vera,ana-ctasia...from our settlle and i hope i will c them again. i liked kamenitza beer. i liked bulgarian cuisine. i liked drinking day and night. i liked marijuana some macedonians give me. i liked doing all crazy lazur....oh god i was drunk. i liked the sea and the sand beaches. i liked beautifull old nessebar. i liked my souvenires. i liked and still like my fake burberry shirt. i liked all the ppl i meet there,accept that security worker who ended with serious damages on his face (he hit my mate with the chair,and then we beat the hell out of him) and that police bastard who tried to arrest me...ha ha,wot an idiot... i liked all serb ppl there drinking and havin' fun all summer. i liked all the girls i been with in nesebar and sunny beach. i liked giros (doner) I LIKED MY VACATION!

old town nessebar

ana restoraunt..private lodging
festa panorama-hotel
kotva hotel

lazur-sunny beach
tequila bar-nessebar
mania-sunny beach
jack daniels-nessebar
la bomba-nessebar

irish pub
hollywood select
serb pub on the beach

srbska skara

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Published on Friday December 10th, 2004

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Sat, Dec 11 2004 - 12:48 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

hii bran,
nice to know so much abt nesebar,excellent reports,do put some pic

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