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lambik90 Sofia - A travel report by Philippe
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Sofia,  Bulgaria - flag Bulgaria -  Sofiya-Grad
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lambik90's travel reports

Why does a Belgian prefers Bulgaria to Belgium

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Being here for 8 months, I can judge this city and country from a different angle than the average tourist. Logical no? Well Discover the friendliest city, the friendliest people and great value for money, you normally discover only in Asia, South America

Alexander Nevski
Alexander Nevski
Well for all fans of friendship, beautiful places, magical stories, there exist a place in Bulgaria where it s happenning. Sofia could be compared to any european capital. But its accessibility for pedestrians is great. People who stay in the centre of quarters like Mladost, Losenetz, Krasno Celo and others will find it easy to browse around the whole city by walking and the well organised city transportation. Trams, Mashrudski and busses is amazing for a country without funds. Prices : 50 stotinki ( 0,25 euro ) for trams and busses .. 1,50 lev (0,75 euro) for the Marshrudka wish is a minibus that crosses the city. Intresting places are of course the area around alexander Nevski cathedral with a fleamarmet, art market ... Great for hunters of (cheap) antiques. All prices here for everytning are at about 30% level of the rest of Europe, which makes it a shopping paradise. Imagine a taxidrive from the airport to the centre at 3 euro.. Imagine buying sigarettes at 1,30 euro... But the most important reason to visit is that tourists are treated as kings and queens.. Never seen women so devoted to us like here.. Gilles, my french colluegue has a goddess in house and i am visited regularly by ladies who help my daily tasks and wishes. Genski Bazar at 10 minutes walking is an intresting place for all food, clothes, and other stuff like glaces..

Favourite spots:
Ploshtat Slaveikov
Ploshtat Slaveikov
Ploshtat Slaveikov (books, cd, software, magazines) Vitoshka Boulevards Vitosha mountain ( imagine walking or skying at 20 minutes from the centre) Genski bazar Opera (last performance of Turandot was great) at 15 leva (7,5 euro) Losenetz ( parks, nice appartments ) Ilientsin ( great market, but out of town, visited by many people from neighbouring countries ) I could go on for hours

What's really great:
People, people, people Ridicule affordable prices Nice hotels Great restaurants (Manastirska Magernitsa, La commanderie, Sushibar, and the classical Bulgarian ones, listed in or read the reviews in

Mount Vitosha
Genski Bazar
Alexander Nevski cathedral and the markets around

Hotel Maria Luisa
Private appartments ( best value for money)

Manastirska Magernitsa
La commanderie

Other recommendations:
Discover Belogradchik, Rila, Melnik, Vidin, Sozopol
some pictures on

Published on Sunday February 19th, 2006

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Sat, Feb 25 2006 - 11:18 AM rating by marianne


The first part of your report is well written, with good information. maybe you could insert a few paragraphs as this makes reading easier.

The second part is a bit disappointing as if you were in a hurry to finish and did not know what to say.

Suggestion: First write your report in Word, then apply copy and paste.

Veel succes met het schrijven van je volgende report. Het is ook handig en (leerzaam) om te 5 * reports te lezen als voorbeeld, en natuurlijk ook voor de inhoud.


Mon, Feb 20 2006 - 06:58 AM rating by davidx

A good first report but some of your lists leave out all description. I feel that you could fairly easily have put it up to 4 or even 5*

Mon, Feb 20 2006 - 12:51 AM rating by gloriajames

nice report but lacks more details. nevertheless a good first effort!

Sun, Feb 19 2006 - 03:38 PM rating by rangutan

Excellent first report. I found the beautiful side of Sofia too, this report describes that well!

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