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yuliangpang Pescasseroli - A travel report by yuliang
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Pescasseroli,  Italy - flag Italy
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Abruzzo National Park

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Before i decied to go to the Abruzzo National Park, I already heard from many friends around me that Abruzzo National Park is a very nice place for fun. But I did not believe it. Everything was totally changed after i paid a visit. It is a fantasy.

enjoy the pleasure of driving
enjoy the pleasure of driving
I left Rome by car for Pescasseroil, the so said major starting point for seeing the Park at 7am on Sunday 19th October. The GPS told me it was around 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there, therefore i would be get there before 9. At the very beginning of the trip, i was very concerned about the weather, because there was a very heavy fog i could not see anything. I began to think of some options if i could not see what i want in the Park, maybe i should visit directly the nice towns nearby. Just in a minutes this idea was totally forgetted when i began to feel excited at what i was seeing. I could not help stopping the car and took some pictures when i passed a small town, Roviano. The high way was exactly the best position for phographing. An castle in the mist of clouds as mountain as a background. I saw something that what i thought can only be found in the fable. But the more i got close to my destination, the more i was convinced. The scenic view made the driving become such a enjoyable but difficult job, you were continously distracted by what your found. Sometime, i stopped somewhere and just rushed out ot the car with my camera. So you will not be surprised if i told you that i was 1 hour later than the GPS time.
I was dispointed when i got to Pescasseroli and knew that the information office and bus service were all closed on sunday, i did not know where to go. I managed to get from a shop where the information office is located and bought a book named discovering the Abruzzo National Park, it proved to be very useful. I began to follow the routes as suggested in a map from this book. I went to Castel Mancino first, because it was in Pescasseroli. This itinerary is named BN1, which starting from a cemetary, ending with the ruins of Castel Mancino, which was built on the hill and overlook the town. If you do not have enough time or you have already seen some fortitress in the mountain, you may choose not go there. But if you like trees, it is a good choice.

Favourite spots:
Castle in Roviano
Castle in Roviano
1. Castel Mancino
see what i told you above
2. Val Fondillo
If you like nature, val fondillo is for you. The trail that i followed is called FN2, which started from a sawmill, ending at Fonta della Aqua. It is around an hour on foot, but it is really scenic in the automn. The trees become so colorful and water so clears. Here life stops, what you can feel is the quietness and joy of beauty. Here i found what the most famous ancient idylist in China, Tao Yuanming (365-427) depicted a world called Shi Wai Tao Yuan, putting in English like a fictitious land of peace away from the turmoil of the world. Here you are also supposed to see brown bears, but I am not lucky enough.
3. Opi and Barrea
Both towns are built on the top of the hill. Opi overlooks the valley of Sangro, while Barrea overlooks one artificial lake. Maybe because time was short for me or maybe I had seen so many beautiful places at the same time, i did not feel too excited when I got there.

What's really great:
 Mancino Castle
Mancino Castle
Scanno is the last stop of my one-day journey. I am not only a naturist, but also a humanist. I like the beauty of the nature, but i care more about the human beings and their lives. I began to feel numb when i was totally exposed to such beautiful environment. This is the nature of the human beings that you will be spoiled if you have so many good things at one time. I did not feel the Scannese think the same thing. I said Val Fondillo was a Shi Wai Tao Yuan earlier, but it was for wild animals and plants, because they are well protected there. But Scanno is a Shi Wai Tao Yun for human beings. It is very difficult to get there if you do not have a car, there are very few towns around if you get to it from the direction of Barrea. It is isolated but it is friendly, really like a home. People are nodding or saying salve, ciao to you, make me feel something very special. Living in a more developed city, this at-home feeling is becoming more and more like a high hope

Mancino Castle
Mancino Castle
You can not finish the Abruzzo National Park just one day, strongly suggest you to take a one-week holiday there. If you manage to get a car, i suggest to get there on sunday, but you need to make sure you already got enough information about the places that you want to visit. Because sunday everything is closed, but if you have car and information, you will enjoy the nature more freely.

narrow streets in Opi
narrow streets in Opi
I did not stay there duiring my visit. but if you can, strongly suggest you to stay one night at Scanno to feel being at home.

Published on Monday October 20th, 2008

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Thu, Nov 06 2008 - 04:38 AM rating by rangutan

Other than use of the inferior "i", a very good report and good day-trip tip out of busy Rome.

Tue, Oct 21 2008 - 10:46 AM rating by mistybleu

An interesting report about a place I've never heard of, but it does sound like it would be fun to visit.

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