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bear495 Plazuelas - A travel report by Russ
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Plazuelas,  Mexico - flag Mexico -  Guanajuato
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Lost Civilization

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Deep in the mountains in the southwestern part of the state of Guanajuato lies the tiny village of Plazuelas. This is the gateway to a civilization that has been lost for more than 1100 years.

Zona Archeologica de Plazuelas
Zona Archeologica de Plazuelas
In the significant past, Plazuelas was mostly an insignificant village of about 200 residents. The people of the village struggled to make enough money to buy the necessities that were important to maintain life. Everything changed in 1998, when a portion of a buried building was suddenly found on a plateau about 200 meters above the village. This building was one of fifteen (15) that have been found at the present. An official from the state ministry of culture was notified, and a team of archeologists was commissioned to study this newly found archeological site. Almost immediately upon notice of this discovery, activists from throughout the world came to the area to protest the disturbance of the remains of this site. However, the government has been able to overcome all obstacles, and is proceding to restore this important find. The Zona Archeologica de Plazuelas was due to open to the public at the end of March in 2005. Jobs in maintenance, tour guides, and concessions was to be offered first to the people of the village of Plazuelas. For all others interested in working at the site, they would, by necessity, need to move into the village.

Favourite spots:
Carlos Castaneda Lopez
Carlos Castaneda Lopez
After climbing the steep pathway to the plateau, the visitor can view the restored remains of this village. Dr Carlos Castaneda, the chief archeologist for Plazuelas, told me that he and his team have been able to determine that someone lived at the site between the years of 600 A.D. and 900 A.D. They have not been able to determine from where the residents came nor where they went. In fact, the archeologists and historians have not been able to determine which civilization was responsible for this site. Many of the features of Plazuelas are similar to those of the Maya and of the Olmec civilizations. However, much of the material found completely contradicts the lifestyle of those two civilizations. Plus, the site is located much too far north of where they lived. The site is near the area inhabited by the Aztecs, but the practices of the people do not coincide with this group of people.

What's really great:
Map of the city
Map of the city
I enjoyed seeing the area described as the entrance to the city. Here, a gateway existed. Two huge phallic symbols were located at this site, also. No one has yet to understand the significance of the phallic symbols, although the archeologists have three theories about their meaning. The building mentioned as the palace was the site of of the residence of either the ruler. There is a layering if new walls that are aged at specific time intervals, indicating a change in rulers at approximately certain specific intervals. One area of the village contained more than 1300 maps of the central village. These maps had been carved into rocks (most of which were more than one meter wide). This is the only known archeological site that has been found that conatins maps of the city. The significance of this is twofold. It enabled the archeologists to more readily find other features of the site, and gave an indication that this city was used by the civilization to train architects.

No one has been able to identify the civilization that built, and inhabited, this site near Plazuelas. More information is being found every day. In fact, by viewing some of the maps that have been found, it is believed that the city might have been larger than what is now known. Some believe that it may have extended out among the seven surrounding mountains.

Another building
Another building
At the present, there are no facilities for an overnight stay at, or near Plazuelas. Plans are being made to build facilities within the next ten years. AT the present, you will need to find one of the hotels or hostels in the city of Pejemon, which is located about 15 - 20 kilometers east of Plazuelas.

Village Goats
Village Goats
There are no specific restaurants in the village. However, the site planners have included an area for meals near the proposed visitor center for the archeological site. Those interested in food or drink will be able to purchase what they need during there visit. When I traveled to the site in early March, I saw the buildings that will be used as restaurants. The construction was almost finished at that time.

It is possible that someone could negotiate a meal with one of the villageres, but I doubt that many would have sufficient food to share. Prior to the discovery of these ruins, this village was extremely poor. The villagers only had the food from crops that they could grow on the side of the mountain and from their goats.

Other recommendations:
View from the archeological site
View from the archeological site
This location is so new that I have not been able to find anything on the ineternet. In fact, the only thing that I have found is an interview that Dr. Castaneda gave to a newspaper. Therfore, I cannot give you any nice links on the net.

This archeological site should be open at the time that I write this report. President Fox and the governor of the state of Guanajuato were due to attend ceremonies to open the site near the end of March 2005.

Published on Monday June 13th, 2005

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Wed, Jun 15 2005 - 02:07 AM rating by britman

A wonderful report that is a template for many new members to follow when trying to hit the ***** jackport. Well done Russ!

Tue, Jun 14 2005 - 05:33 AM rating by davidx


Tue, Jun 14 2005 - 04:22 AM rating by rangutan

Great! Not everyones kind of place but mine surely.

Mon, Jun 13 2005 - 09:56 PM rating by hieronyma

Hi Russ,
I like your text. It is well written and you give the necessary informations to understand the importance of this place. Thank you.

Mon, Jun 13 2005 - 05:18 PM rating by kandath

Wonderful stuff indeed ! Informative, beautiful and inspiring ! My mouth is still open !! Well Done. We are proud to have you on board.

Mon, Jun 13 2005 - 01:56 PM rating by rgrant9

Hey Russ, this is pretty good stuff.

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