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davidx Plitvice Seen - A travel report by David
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Plitvice Seen,  Croatia - flag Croatia
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Plitvice and Sibenik, an incongruous couple.

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Why put these together? They’re both in Croatia and farther north than Dubrovnik [separate report later]. They’re both wonderful. I don’t know enough about either to make it separate. That’s 3 poor reasons – but it might equal one good one! So why not?

Door carving at the Cathedral, Sibenik
Door carving at the Cathedral, Sibenik
OK, so I can’t link the two better than that. We visited both on a long holiday in 1976 when our children were young. We drove through France, Switzerland and Italy [some reports still to come] and crossed by ferry from Bari to Dubrovnik. Then we went via Mostar in Bosnia to Sibenik and Plitvice before heading for the majestic Dolomites and Venice, then home via Austria, Germany and Belgium, about four weeks in all. I’ve no doubt there’s masses to say about Sibenik, a lovely coastal town, which doesn’t even get a mention in the headlines of some of the tour websites. However we spent most of our time there quite transfixed by the Cathedral of St James, a manmade marvel from the 15th century [Gothic] and 16th [Renaissance] in limestone and marble brought from some of the islands. I couldn’t stop pointing the camera at some of the exterior sculpture but the interior of this three aisled basilica is also interesting. For Sibenik generally, have a look at ngels/cities/sibenik-.asp as well as the city’s official site at http://www.summerne In contrast, Plitvice is a natural marvel, although it relies on a lot of human labour maintaining paths to enable visitors to enjoy it at any time in spite of the mud which is an inevitable result of the very rain that makes the national park so good. I’ll have my two bits worth about it but, if you are interested, there’s far more information on the official website at [no gap]. In addition to putting these dissimilar places together I am going to commit a greater offence of reference to an attraction in another country, Slovenia, at the end of the report on the simple grounds that it’s the next place we went and I couldn’t possibly put it here in any other way!

Favourite spots:
Plitvice Seen travelogue picture
The National Park at Plitvice consists of some 15 large lakes and a few smaller ones in a karst [limestone] setting with forests, where the predominant trees are beech and fir, together with some of the surrounding hills. The flora and fauna of the area is very special [see website above] and the latter includes wolves, bears lynxes and wild boars. We didn’t see any of these – you don’t with 5 children! - but had to be satisfied with the scenery. What a hardship! It’s magnificent with the waterfalls perhaps being even more memorable than the lakes. It costs to go in but it seems reasonable when you realise the number of people working to fence off paths that need resting and to open new ones to replace them.

What's really great:
Can it be you, Steve?
Can it be you, Steve?
Sibenik certainly is special and its stunning cathedral is a world heritage site. As stated earlier it’s in the form of a three aisled basilica with a cupola. We were first attracted to the sculpted heads, said to comprise every basic male head type. I wouldn’t know about that but we certainly picked out some people that we ‘knew’.

Plitvice Seen travelogue picture
We camped at the Plitvice site, having visited Sibenik in transit. A very bad feature of the site at that time [now, I don’t know] was the mud and the way that practically every car got stuck on arrival. However there was a positive aspect to this. I have never been to a friendlier place! Everybody rapidly became geared up to pushing the new arrivals.
I have no other pronounced memories of the site as such – which probably means it was good. Bad features seem to stick much better.

Plitvice Seen travelogue picture
How nice it might have been but we were on one teacher’s income at the time with 5 children – so the cost of the basic holiday was enough. However saying this enables me to put up another photo of the lovely Plitvice falls!

Other recommendations:
Plitvice Seen travelogue picture
On leaving Plitvice, which is fairly well north in Croatia, we went to Postojna, which is fairly well south in Slovenia, to visit the caves there. The system extends for something like 20 km and you are taken in by electric train for the first 5km. That doesn’t mean that you walk 15km or anything like it underground but you do get a good guided walking tour of a section of the caves.
At least two forms of life are unique to the caves, one being the Proteus Anguinus or ‘human fish’. They are more like worms about 30cm long, completely blind and without protective covering since they live in perpetual darkness and meet no predators. However do go to the website, click on ‘visit’ and then ‘human fish’ and you will learn of some sighted black ones!
http://www.posto [no gap]

Published on Friday February 18th, 2005

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Mon, Feb 26 2007 - 06:15 PM rating by travler

Who is Steve? Once again a perfect report with wonderful pictures.

Fri, Jun 10 2005 - 04:10 AM rating by lukasdj

Your waterfall pictures are beautiful and they do not have need of other words, in any case your link to the official site of the Park gives all the information.

Sat, Feb 19 2005 - 12:51 PM rating by bootlegga

Amazing waterfall pics!

Sat, Feb 19 2005 - 12:18 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi


Fri, Feb 18 2005 - 03:54 PM rating by bear495

The falls in Plitvice appear to be beautiful. They are similar to those of the cataratas de Iguassu. Nice report, David.


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