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fieryfox Sellin - A travel report by Farizan
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Sellin,  Germany - flag Germany -  Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
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Baltic Sea Summer Vacation

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Glittering white chalk cliffs, long sandy beaches and the beauty of coastal woodlands makes Rügen Island one of the most popular destinations in the Baltic Coast. Its mild maritime climate is said to be especially beneficial to the health - No wonder Rügen is more reputed for its therapeutic treatments and wellness spas rather than as a nature lover’s paradise.

Sellin Baltic Sea Resort Area
Sellin Baltic Sea Resort Area

Rügen is the largest German island, situated off the coast of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the Baltic Sea. There are several smaller islands neighboring Rügen, such as the Isle of Vilm, Rügen Hiddensee and Ummanz, each with a discerning beauty of its own.

Rügen is mainly accessible by a bridge connecting the island with the city of Stralsund on the mainland. I went there by bus with a group of friends and so we just observed the sights and reconciled them with our map until we reached Putbus. There are also ferry connections from Stralsund, Greifswald and Wolgast but I reckon taking the bridge is quicker.

As a nature lover, I am more interested in exploring the island, not so much for the overly commercialized therapeutic spas promoted all over the tube and the internet. These wellness resorts along the eastern coast are usually crowded during peak seasons and somewhat spoils the serenity of the maritime atmosphere. After all, the purpose of traveling some 500 kilometres from Dresden for me was to get away from the hustle and bustle of highly populated cities and just relax and get in touch with nature, not to see crowds.

Fortunately, there are quiet and lonely places in the west and southeast regions of Rügen Island. There are three nature reserves extending at least partially on the island, namely The Vorpommern Lagoon Area National Park (Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft), the Jasmund National Park; a small park including the famous chalk cliffs (Königsstuhl) and the Rügen Biosphere Reserve; a nature reserve consisting of the peninsulas in the southeast.

Favourite spots:
Pier at Sellin and Cliff Hotel
Pier at Sellin and Cliff Hotel

Putbus is a unique residential town. What caught my attention is the not so common Italian architecture design. According to the literature I found on Putbus, Lord Malte built the township in the early 19th century and he was deeply inspired by the beauty of Venice. Today, Putbus has become a favourite amongst tourists. People drop by for a few moments to capture the beauty of these buildings.

The spas of Binz, Sellin, Baabe and Goehren are popular seaside resorts for rest cures. I’m told that the treatments are invigorating and completely rejuvenates the tired body. Sellin and Goehren have acquired the reputation of a top holiday destination offering a number of activities. Whatever your poison, whether spending hours by the beach playing volley ball or plainly sunbathing, trekking or cycling in forest reserves or even being pampered in the hands of a therapeutic expert, Sellin will likely to fulfill your expectations.

Its elegant promenades, fine villas and guest houses, built at the turn of the century are also in excellent condition. The pier at Sellin is a landmark, it is still a shining example of old engineering that have been preserved.

What's really great:
White Chalk Cliffs
White Chalk Cliffs

The nature reserve in Southeast Rügen is a real paradise for nature enthusiasts and are especially suitable for strolling, hiking and cycling. After walking along the beach for about an hour and observing the famous white chalk cliffs I continued to the Jasmund National Park, a small park adjoining the coastline. It was really quiet and peaceful and I immensely enjoyed the cool breeze from the Baltic sea. The best time for the walk is in the morning, when most tourists are still enjoying their breakfast or are lazing around in their guesthouse terraces.

I also especially enjoyed trekking in the Biosphere reserve, where it was possible to walk through villages and country homes into natural field landscapes before reaching the top of the hills to view the seascape and beauty of the Baltic Sea coastline. Historically, there are also megaliths graves in the National Parks that could be observed and these are evidence that Rügen had already been settled more than 1000 years ago. An added bonus, for those who like to see some archeological signs left by previous settlers and traders.

For those who like a less rigorous experience and travel in their comfort, a ride on the "Rasender Roland" a narrow gauge railway is sure to please; it runs from Putbus to Goehren and also stops at Sellin and Baabe.

Rügen can offer many interesting activities. It is possible to visit the City of Bergen, capital of Rügen or even enjoy the coastline beauty by cycling along sea bridges that link Rügen to its neighboring islands. Note however that during peak seasons, traffic can be a serious problem especially if it rains. The roads are normally congested from afternoon onwards and if you are planning to visit the smaller islands it is better to take a boat rather than taking the sea bridge. Isle of Usedom and Hindensee are popular islands in Rügen.

Landscapes of Rügen
Landscapes of Rügen

Cape Arkona is another popular spot for recreation. It’s coastal woodlands comprising large expanses of beech wood forests are simply captivating.

Landscapes of Rügen Island are simply spectacular. From the top of the hills of the Biosphere reserve, it is possible to catch a glimpse of other islands surrounding Rügen (depending where you are of course). This photo shows some of the beautiful landscapes of Rügen.

White Guesthouses which are fully restored
White Guesthouses which are fully restored

Cliff Hotel, is an exclusive hotel right on the beach and adjoins the Sellin Pier. Attractive gym with swimming pool, sauna, solarium, beauty salon.
Cliff-Hotel Ruegen
Tel.: 0130/ 18 10 10
Fax: 038303/ 84 95
Siedlung am Wald 22a
D-18586 Sellin

There are also several guesthouses and pensions in the area but the rates are quite exorbitant during peak seasons. There are also camping sites and lodging for students in school country villages.
School country village
"Grosser See"
Tel. (039 71) 210 783
Landstrasse 23
D-17390 Pinnow

Towards Seebrucke - Sellin
Towards Seebrucke - Sellin

While strolling in Sellin, I didn't find any pubs or any places with night life activity. Most people retire early and most streets are quiet after dark.

Restaurants just 5 minutes walk from Sellin
Restaurants just 5 minutes walk from Sellin

Restaurant "Fischerstube" is located on a large terrace and offers visitors wanting to try Fish from the Baltic Sea..

Restaurant "Fischerstube"
Villa Subklew
Warmbadstraße 1
D-18586 Sellin
Tel. 038303/ 8 59 87
Fax: 038303/ 3 42

A cosy and quiet Nordic restaurant in Baabe.
Hotel Am See
Seestraße 25
D-18586 Baabe
Tel.: 038303/ 1370
Fax. 038303/ 860 19

Other recommendations:
On the way to Isle of Vilm
On the way to Isle of Vilm

Boat trips to Denmark (Copenhagen, Isle of Bornholm), Sweden (Trelleborg) and Poland (Swinemuende) are also popular with visitors to Rügen. The main embarkation point is the port at Sassnitz.

From Ruegen, it is possible also to visit the Isle of Vilm from Putbus but the only way to go there is by boat.

Published on Tuesday October 19th, 2004

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Wed, Oct 20 2004 - 06:07 AM rating by gloriajames

Brillian Report. Makes me want to travel soon! 5*

Tue, Oct 19 2004 - 08:42 PM rating by ravinderkumarsi

hii fari,
well i am very poor in vocabulary so i find difficult to comment on your report ,in simple words it is extremely plesent to read and excellently written,u know i learn many thing from you i have improved a lot and i am still trying to improve myself.
cheers and keep writing such reports in frture too

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