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esfahani Frankfurt am Main - A travel report by Ralph
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Frankfurt am Main,  Germany - flag Germany -  Hessen
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FRANKFURT - an airport stopover guide

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Lots of people change their plane here, at one of the busiest airports in the world, spending hours on a hard, lonely chair killing time by starring holes in the air.
Well, it seems a good reason to recommend some short trips around.

Frankfurt am Main travelogue picture
First: please inform yourself about your visa regulations, if you want to go downtown!

* less than 3 hours between your flights: stay at the airport! But there is a “sky train” (free transport) connecting the 2 terminals within seconds.
Two separated sections: transit passengers (without visa) and the public section for visitors too. There are lots of shops and café/pubs – arcades to wander around. If you have a visa, don’t miss to see the airport train station, nearby Terminal 1 (T1), surberb architecture!

** 3 to 5 hours stopover: go to town! There is a metro train every few minutes to the city center at T1 in the 2nd underground level: ask for “Haupt-bahn-hof” or “Stadt-zentrum” – Our ticket machines are really confusing (…or may I use the car too often?!) – best, you’ll ask somebody for assistance: one person one way is about EUR 3,50 – needs about 30 minutes travel time. - If your time to spend is closer to three hours than to five: depart the train at “Hauptwache” in midtown!

*** more than 5 hours time: same procedure, but may you buy a ticket valid for a day to include the use of all public transports as trains, trams and busses in town.

Favourite spots:
Main Station
Main Station
The railway company offers a special service: “call-a-bike” – for information’s click the link:

http:// kundenbuchung/proces-s.php? proc=english&f=500&k-ey= 418750befdb99173c 73b5252a06dd60a...00-001
(remove blank in between)

You need a phone and a credit card for using a rental bike at any corner of the city! (EUR 15 for 24 hours)

What's really great:
Frankfurt am Main travelogue picture
Depending how much you like to walk, exit the metro train at “haupt-bahn-hof” the main station.
As one of the oldest and largest in germany is it worth visit too.
The newly renovated roof is completely covered with glas…

Leaving the building at the main gate, turn down to the right and you reach the river after 500 meters.
Turn to the left along the river bank towards city center. There are 2 pedestrian bridges a new one, and the old, just at the famous “Römer”-square for orientation.
The southern river bank is called “Museums-Ufer” – as the name already say: many interesting museums for rainy days!

Keep on downtowns site! – Main Nizza next to a modern restaurant building is a wonderful Mediterranean garden with exotic flowers, plant and trees which you pass by continuing your walk.
The walking distance to “Römer” is about 1,5 km.
Once at the most visited site of Frankfurt, have a look at the cathedral around the corner, may the platform on top of the towers has reopened.

Call-a-Bike Service
Call-a-Bike Service

Frankfurt am Main travelogue picture
Accomodation?! - You are on a stopover! Don’t fall asleep! – But still: just newly opened:
Villa Kennedy Hotel – Frankfurt finest 5+++ Hotel,
you reach it by taking a tram from Main station and depart after crossing the river (approx. 1km/ 2 stations) may for having a coffee there!

Back to “Römer”!!! – towards town (north) is one of the bussiest shopping streets in germany located – “Zeil”:
window shopping desired? Turn left to find the most exclusive labels at “Goethe-strasse” and “Fress-gass” to end up at the Opera House.

Very close, at the Deutsche-Bank Towers, is the metro station called: “taunus-anlage” to return back to the airport.

Other recommendations:
Our skyline! - just walking distance from Main Station, may take a tram towards “Messe-Turm” the pencil shape tower (1-2 hours to spend)

Main-Tower platform 200 m above the city: weekdays open to 9pm.
At “Zeil-Galerie” Shopping mall is another platform free to visit – the center is beside “Haupt-wache” station at Zeil.

Others: there is a flea market every Saturday from 8 or 9am. to 2pm. At the south bank of the river. – If you are roman-catholic or not: there is a mass of the English speaking parish at the oldest church of Frankfurt: St.Leonard (100m away from “Römer”) –Saturday by 5pm. or Sunday 9.30 am.

Frankfurt am Main travelogue picture
Money Information:
To visit Frankfurt on a stop over, you may change about 20 EUR per person on cash at the airport, to use for train tickets, entrance fees and may a cappuchino at the starbucks café (lot of other choices toooo!!!!) – for a lunch or diner you are welcome to use your credit card…

welcome to the fifa championship 2006
welcome to the fifa championship 2006

Other recommendations:
Frankfurt airport
Frankfurt airport
** “Haupt-wache” - “Zeil” – “Römer” – Cathetral – Opera House may the river (the extend the walking zones along the river to 3,5km each side – long enough to bring you sport shoes and jogging clothes) to visit.

*** well, make your choice out of the spots I mentioned above.

Other details and/or personal assistance, planning you own stop over, feel free to contact me by mail.

(the *** signs, telling you about your available spare time between your flights)

Published on Sunday May 14th, 2006

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Sun, Sep 04 2011 - 08:58 AM rating by shervin19

very useful and very intersting report.
Thank you

Sat, Jul 08 2006 - 08:42 AM rating by jorgesanchez

Very useful report

Mon, May 29 2006 - 11:56 AM rating by eirekay

GREAT idea! GREAT report! I have been stuck here waiting to fly on to Greece! I have a 6 hour layover in London coming up _ Don't suppose you have any suggestions for that?

Fri, May 19 2006 - 05:32 AM rating by gloriajames

Thanks for telling us how to "kill" time at the airport and between transits. A nice read!

Mon, May 15 2006 - 05:11 PM rating by mistybleu


What an apt time to give us information on Germany.


Mon, May 15 2006 - 06:58 AM rating by rangutan

Very useful indeed. I wish more insiders would write reports like this on a hub near them.

Mon, May 15 2006 - 02:57 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

Hii Ralph,well i heard a ot about the airport,my friends told me that it is one of the biggest and best ones.nice report and informative too.
why not put some more pictures in this report about airport,its shopping,etc

Mon, May 15 2006 - 02:56 AM rating by marianne

Very original destination. I had some time to kill at the airport and took the skytrain and had coffee, which turned out to be the most expensive I ever had.
Could you add some more photos? It would be nice to see the airport.

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