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mipekoglu Stockholm - A travel report by muzaffer cagin
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Stockholm,  Sweden - flag Sweden -  Stockholms Lan
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mipekoglu's travel reports

The great goddesses live here! 1-11 oct 2004

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Hello there, this will sound like as if I don't have a lover or smthg but this is will be about the Sweden's capital city, Stockholm, and of the Swede females beautiness moving on the sidewalks of the clean and fresh aired city of Stockholm.

Well...Stayed 6 days in Stockholm and I had my eyes off my skull all the time...I was really really in heaven as a man...Having left my love back in Umea, I was devastated by the Swedish capitals women...they look gorgeous... And by no means with a lack of sincerity but they are really talkative and people speak great English and are trying to be helpfull to tourists and foreigners. Its kind of an international city with 70 percent of the foreigners being of indians, africans, middle easterns around with a percentile of lets say a 30 percent of european tourists fill the 100 percent. The swedes are living calmly, you nearly can not hear a single horn being played in traffic. They do respect pedestrians. Its a well planned city with easy transportation via the subway and the connection busses. You can take from any airport a flygbuss to the Central Terminal near the Subway center (which is called T-center). The kulturhusset, which lies on a 20 min walk from the central terminal is actually a 'culture house' itself. On the lower floor of the house you have the tourism information centre, where you can get free maps of the city and the museums and get some transportation info. I'd recommend to get a 3 day card for short stays which costs around 180SEK (about 24 USD) and allows you to use subway and busses for an unlimited number of times. Grab a museums of stockholm leaflets and plan your trip to the museums and ask their fees there at the tourism info. center. As I have been there in october, dunno what to there in summer, but would be totally great to be there in may june sometime when the weather averages 16-23 in stockholm. have a nice stay...and thank god...

Favourite spots:
The biblioteksgatan, where all the fancy shops are located. The Gamlia, old town, where you can find lovely little small cafes and etc...Doningsgatan(q-ueens road) and kungsgatan(the kings road) are to be walked through. Each takes around 1.5 hour to go through one end to the other. The nobel musem, must be visited. Cheers all...

What's really great:
The beauty of the women in Stockholm. It is lovely to watch them walk and do their daily shopping while you gaze through the streets.

the tower where you can have a magnifiscent view of Stockholm in the Djurgarden area. You can also enjoy Stockholm's history by entering a park in Djurgarden where they have minimised every aspect of life in Sweden at the old times by the help of the enthusiasts, the volunteers of the Swedes who spend their time informing people in old fashioned clothing.

well if you have a friend who stays in a dormitory, you are lucky.
the corridor parties you will be invited to will make you meet so many international people...including nationals, the Swedes.

O leary's you can find anywhere on earth by now. The pub called vertigo, a small one but lovely chats.You can find many other pubs located on vassagatan street.

Other recommendations:
Don't forget to grab a 3lt wine before you go to a student corridor party at the dorms to be kind, from systembolaget which is the only place where you can buy drinks with alcohol, and is open from monday to tuesday from 10-19 and on saturdays from 10-15 only....else you would be enjoying yourself with a 3.5 % low alcoholed drinks at all supermarkets.

Published on Wednesday October 13th, 2004

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Wed, Oct 13 2004 - 04:20 AM rating by rangutan

Super report... (and I agree!)

Wed, Oct 13 2004 - 02:54 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

hii muzaffer,
i read you report on stockholm and its is very nice

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