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paulobeli Tarrafal - A travel report by Paulo
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Tarrafal,  Cape Verde - flag Cape Verde
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Surfin Tarrafal

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Tarrafal travelogue picture
Tarrafal is most known for the prison portuguese had there for decades. It's in the island os Santiago, on the oposite side of Cidade da Praia - Cabo Verde's capital. Mass tourism hasn't reached it yet. It's a nice place to stay, with charming people but extremely poor.
If you want to surf, it's one of the best places in Cape Verde: it has great reef breaks along the coast, all of them in a walking distance from Tarrafal village. Cadjó, Reef 1 & Reef 2 are the most famous. The sea bottom is very shallow and covered with urchins. Always use boots.

Favourite spots:
Tarrafal travelogue picture
The Baia Verde beach. It's one of the few places here where trees grow, and that's why it's called like that (Green bay). All the surrounding beaches and coastline.
The Tarrafal ancient prison, now a museum: spooky.
The local market (Mercado Municipal)
The baeach at Sundays: hundreds of locals como to spend the day with their friend and families. They bring food, hi-fi's, guitars and party all day long. If you stay on the bungallows by the beach, this means you'll have no rest. But who matters? It's only one day in the week, and it's really funny!

What's really great:
The friendliness of people. Despite being very poor, and without access to almost nothing, from education to clothing, newspapers or even food, the locals make everything to help you and don't ask anything in change. If you surf, it's sure someone will offer to take you to the best spots, and wait there for you, keeping your stuff until you get out of the water. Young locals love surfing, but as they don't have financial resources or even material to buy they might ask you to let use your board. Let them use! And if you have a board, a wetsuit or something you can give them once you leave, do it. I left my board and i know that 3 years past they still use it!

Tarrafal travelogue picture
Hotel Baia Verde: nice bungallows on the beach. Great breakfast.

There is another hotel near the beach and a guesthouse in the village

Tarrafal travelogue picture
At Baia Verde Hotel

Tarrafal travelogue picture
Baia Verde Restaurant

One in the center of the village - Tata - belonging to the guesthouse. Very nice, and cheaper.

As it is very hard to find meat around here, food is based on fried fish and "cachupa", the national dish.

Published on Wednesday December 3th, 2003

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Sat, Jan 03 2004 - 12:12 AM rating by willow

I'm convinced. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit! I'm adding it to my list of places to go. Cheers!

Mon, Dec 29 2003 - 03:40 AM rating by downundergal

I really enjoyed reading this report. I also love to go "off the beaten track" and this certainly sounds like one of those places!
Happy travels.
Kerrie (downundergal)

Thu, Dec 04 2003 - 02:34 PM rating by spaceout

You were very kind to have given your board...:-) It seems like a nice place to visit..
Was the prison in good shape when you did visit? Did someone give you the history of the prison?

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