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Tokyo - A travel report by Jennifer
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Tokyo,  Japan - flag Japan -  Tðkyð
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Old & new, side by side !

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Like in other Asian towns the traditions and old buildings can be found right next to the outgrowths of change and modern life. Besides culture Toyko also has to offer a lot of modern places.

The trip from the airport to Tokyo can take up to an hour (depending on which train you chose). It took me about 10 mins just to find someone who would tell me about the cheap train (I knew there was one, yet it seemed the Japanese thought I would never be able to make it save to downtown when using THAT train)...but as you can tell: I made it :) Tokyo is just really fascinating: I just got off one of the stations and started walking, always following the tip of the Tokyo Tower (which seems to be a red-white-copy of the Eiffel Tower). Using small side streets, checking out the tiny shops where you can buy fruits or water. Walking by restaurants with plastic food in the window (wonder if those were created for us tourists, its very practical: You can just point at the food you want !).

Favourite spots:
Tokyo Tower Temples Asakusa (even though it was closed, yet when the shops are closed you will discover cool paintings on the shades which you cant see during daytime)

What's really great:
Everything: Japan just rocks ! Mmmh, Snoopy World was cute :)

Tokyo Tower

I heard Youth Hostels are pretty expensive.

I do what I always do: just keep walking until you find a nice spot. Be adventuresome.

I tried Japanese fast food, tempura and soba noodles. And much more:

O-nigiri: rice triangles with diff fillings (tuna is the best, you can buy it at supermarkets)
Takko balls (squid balls): they are yummy...if you can keep the person who sells them from putting that brown sauce on them.
O-bento: Lunch box, also incl sushi as you prolly know it :)

Other recommendations:
Harajuku: on weekends you can find really crazy ppl there, who will dress up like comic characters, its totally woth it !

Published on Thursday September 9th, 2004

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