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Frankfurt am Main - A travel report by Jennifer
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Frankfurt am Main,  Germany - flag Germany -  Hessen
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Mainhatten: Sausage and Banks :)

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Frankfurt is famous because of Frankfurter Würstchen, Äppelwoi (apple wine), the banks (money is a big issue here, plus we have the European Central Bank) and its airport (which was no. 7/2002 by passanger numbers).

Its really easy to travel from Frankfurt Airport to the city: Take one of the subways and you will be in downtown within 15-20 mins. Go and check out the RÖMER with the city hall and the Justizia spring. Or go for a shopping trip on the ZEIL or one of the plenty museums at the Museum's bank. Taking a walk during the fleamarket or taking some cool pics of the old Opera are just a couple more things you can do. Nightlife: Go and check out all the small pubs in Sachsenhausen !

Favourite spots:
Museum of Modern Art: Havent been there in a while and the exhibitions are changing, so you better check the web before going there, sometimes they have weird stuff ;) Kleinmarkthalle: Its an old building with tons of lil shops where you can buy all kinds of food from all over the world. You should try to find green sauce (made with eggs and diff. herbs), most of my intl friends liked it (its served with potatoes & boiled eggs). Airport: I grew up with the airport and I simply love the international atmosphere there ! Could spend hours just sitting aroud there (which I actually never really did ;)

What's really great:
Handkäs mit Musik (guys, if you are up for something new try this specialty from Hesse, wonder if you will like it: I know it smells bad, but its yummy !) And Frankfurt has an awesome Christmas market (but I havent been to Nürnberg yet), but I think its pretty big and I love going there !

House of Goethe (I think its kinda neat)

As I am living here, I really cant recommend any accommodations, yet I think you should def. look for a Youth Hostel, because Youth Hostels in Germany are usually pretty clean and comfy. Most of the time you can decide if you want breakfast and dinner.

A really famous club is the King Kamehameha Club (Hanauer Landstr. 192), havent been there yet, but I heard you better dress up before going there :)

Halli Galli (Mainzer Landstraße 681): Havent been there yet, but friends told me the decoration is kinda interesting: farmer like...and they play all kinds of music.

Sachsenhausen is the place to go: You will find tons of different pubs, so dont worry about finding a special one.

Other recommendations:
Fleamarket (at the Main bank on saturdays)

Published on Thursday September 9th, 2004

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