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delfster Yogyakarta - A travel report by Delfster
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Yogyakarta,  Indonesia - flag Indonesia -  Yogyakarta
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tender motion

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When you hear the sound of drums marching in the wind; the spirit of the city is calling for you to return. One day; someday.

Yogyakarta: for there will be peace and prosperity.

the people on the street
the people on the street
The city is almost like a generic stop over for me, for I visited it many times throughout the years. But, somehow I was blessed with a tourist eyes in my short trip; so I can walk the street feeling nervous like a stranger in town, and yet the beauty of something new.

Maybe it was the weather; all of a sudden I can feel soft breezes even in the stark heat of the sun. I am rather glad that the rainy season is coming soon, even when the drops seemed reluctant but the visiting cloud did make the city more friendly outside.

People are always smiling. I presume because they are aware of the tourism industry, so it’s mandatory. But shame on me; they even smile after I throw rejection from anything they sell.

So, for a place I once lived for more than two months, and the many more; I am glad that I can rediscover it all over again.

Favourite spots:
- Napping in Vrendeburg, an old dutch building with large garden. Sometimes, they even held bazzar and art exhibitions in the building.

- Eating out; notoriously known as 'lesehan'. Yogya is one place where you can taste the whole ambiance of the city while you are 'lesehan'; and spots like these are abundant. Some stall may prank you with their price if you are categorized as tourist (even people from jakarta - the capital is considered one). But to most people being to the city -- yogya IS 'lesehan'.

- Just to walk around, meet and melting in the slow mode of the city.

What's really great:
riding 'becak' -- a javanese word for rickshaw. everything seemed easy and calm. the motion of the city all of a sudden settle in a tender rhytm.

a monk in Borobudur
a monk in Borobudur
- Prambanan temple, an enigmatic Hindu temple that looked like the slender beauty of a woman.
Once long ago, a beutiful man (yet unwanted) called Bandung Bandawasa propose a marriage with the lady, but she didn't want to mary him. So, she asked him to built 1000 temples in one night. Bandung Bandawasa used his super force to call the genies, and they made the temples in unbelieveable speed. Loro Jonggrang fooled the genies: She ordered her servants to help her hit the rice punchers, and made the sound of cooking, so the genies thought morning had come and they ran away. Bandung got angry and cursed Loro Jonggrang to be one statue inside the temple. (the morale of the story now: no fooling around!)

- Borobudur temple, this one is bulkier and huge. Not as elegant as Prambanan, and it's Buddist. More male-ist... haha. You know, when being Grand (in size) is the most thing mattered. Borobudur was built during King Indra period in Syailendra era. It's made as an exclamation of power!

prambanan over the red sun
prambanan over the red sun
budget travelers can come to sasrowijayan street, just off the train station. there are plenty of nice small hostel or guest house
-bladok guest house (+62-274-560452)
-monica hotel (+62-274-580598)

or, other famous backpackers spot is prawirotaman street.
-duta guest house (+62-274-515064)

but if you want some other luxury... well there are plenty of multinational-chain-hotels, and resorts (amanjiwo of the 'aman' group)

I don't know whether the city has a decent one. If you want an aging-industrial-house-music in the background... you may find some. But if you want a better mix than that, satisfaction may not be your hangover.
But, if you really want to give it a go... there's this place called HUGO's in the Sheraton Mustika Hotel. Well, at least they have decent mix on the drinks... if it's not the hippest on the turn table.

there are plenty around sasrowijayan and prawirotaman st. the drinks are ok, cheap beers and off course the pleasant yogya hospitality.

-Gadjah Wong: great music (all the jazz, and even the classics -- feeling like nessun dorma today?), marvelous food and decent collection of wine. the place is situated on the side of gadjah wong river, with an old mediterranean architecture.

-Viavia in prawirotaman. nice cafe with good and affordable price. it has a cozy atmosphere and new collection of coffee.

-Umah Duwur: in Kota Gede. It has a mixed ambiance of old javanese houses. The menu is not that long, yet they are tasty. although, a bit pricey.

Other recommendations:
mt. merapi -- the worshipped spirit of the soil.

Published on Monday October 11th, 2004

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Sat, Nov 12 2005 - 11:07 AM rating by hantulaut

May God Bless Jogja, viva Hamengkubuwono!

Tue, Feb 01 2005 - 03:05 AM rating by ardelia


Your report makes me feel like going there sooner than planned,thanks for the useful info!


Tue, Dec 21 2004 - 10:18 AM rating by nedkelly

Briliant, you have a great writting style love to read more.

Mon, Oct 11 2004 - 08:45 PM rating by ravinderkumarsi

hii delvi,
nice to read the report,infact so many reports on indonesia that i am really feeling a strong urge to visit .
i am very keen in visiting the hindus temple there.

Mon, Oct 11 2004 - 03:13 PM rating by fieryfox

A well written report about Yogjakarta. I enjoyed reading it. Keep it up.

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