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Rafal's Travel log

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Aug 13, 2008 04:00 PM Along the coast

Along the coast What was a day. I rented a car to see more places in Montenegro. Funny thing was that I received the car in rental agency without fuel.
At the beginning I went along the coast to see some others coastal cities. First one was Bar. I went directly to search the Old Town Bar (Stary Grad). There is no clear directions how to find it, but if you're driving from Budva take Ulcinj direction, and there will be two signs. Ola Bar was devastated by Turkish army in XIX but remains are still very impressive. Some of the buildings are under reconstruction. Entrance ticket cost 1 eur. Views are priceless.
Then I went to Ulcinj last city before Albanian border. City itself has an interesting architecture a mix of Christian and Muslim style. On the top hill is old fortress now turned mostly into hotels and restaurants.
From Ulcinj I took direction to Ostrog Monastery, I went through Podgorica country capital and they direction to Niksic. 35 kilomteres after Podgorica I turned left and went through one of the most dificult, dangerous and pictoresques road in my life. Monastery is (If I am corrent on the high 900 meters above the valley. Entrance free. From Ostrog I went too Cetnije the old capital of the country. City is rather quiet with interesting architrecture. And then go back to Budva.
Tomorrow I will already in Mostar in Bosnia. I am very excited.

Aug 12, 2008 04:00 PM Day on the beach

Day on the beach I wanted to stay only one and a half day in Budva and then go to Mostar in Bosnia. There are two direct buses daily from Budva to Mostar one at 20 pm and second one is at 21.40. But when I was trying to buy a ticket two buses were full, so I bought a ticket for thursday. On the bus station they told me that the first bus is going via Dubrovnik (ticket price 16 eur), second one is going to Sarajevo and have stop in Mostar (ticket price 13.5 eur)
Having this extra time I decided to spend one day on the beach - having sun bath, relaxing and reading. Honestly it was wonderful, except that I forgot my sunscreen and now I am completly red :)
I still have some time tomorrow here in Budva, I rented a car today and looking forward to see other cities on Montenegran coast.

Aug 11, 2008 04:00 PM Budva Montenero main holiday town

Budva Montenero main holiday town There is a dozen buses from Kotor to Budva, ticket price is 3.5 eur and buses run almost every 30 minutes. Main bus station is located about one kilometer from Old Town, there is no toursit information close to the bus station. So I done like in previous cities, I took my backapck and went to the old town searching for place to sleep, and I had not nice suprice. Nobody wanted to help me book a room for a one night, most of the people in tourist information or travel agaencies didn't wanted to speak with somebody with backpack. Somebody acvice me to go back to the bus station and there is dozen of people offering a bed in private apartments. That was the way how I found myself, I found a single room for 20 euros, located 20 minutes walk from old town.
In my guide book I read that Budva is like mini Dubrovnik - well old city is very cosy and nice, but can't be compared to Dubrovnik.

Aug 10, 2008 04:00 PM Kotor city walls

Kotor city walls Today I left Dubrovnik. I took a bus 1a and went to main bus station where I bought a ticket to Kotor in Montenegro - costs 98 kunas. Just one remark - it does not matter that your seat has a number nobody cares about it. Route was very scenic, almost all the time close to the sea and then around Kotor Fjord. Kotor is very beautiful city. I took the walk on the old city walls - you should be in a good shape - it was not so easy, but the view rewarded me everything. Panorama on the old town and the Kotor Bay. Entrance ticket to the walls was 2 eur.
The best way to see Kotor is just to let your foots lead you. City is quite small, each corner has a surprise for the visitor - old church, old house, nice restaurant. What I could expect more...

Aug 09, 2008 04:00 PM Poljaki to ziemniaki

Poljaki to ziemniaki Dubrovnik is fabulous without any doubts. And it is enough small to see most attractions in one day. I started from the city walls (ticket costs 50 kunas - some of the guardians are saying that You can go out and go in few times - but guardian on the Pilav gate did not wanted to let me in on already used ticket), from where is marvelous view over the city as well as over the bay. Something to remember. I was also in Dominican Monastery - I managed to not pay for the ticket - i entered through chapel (normally ticket was 20 kunas). I saw also Sponza Palace - an old custom chamber which is not worth the entrance ticket and few churches.
It was so hot today that I decided to take a short swim in Adriatic sea - very nice thing after such sunny day.
At the end I had funny situation. When I was looking for a place to eat a dinner waiter told me a funny thing in polish language - Poljaki to ziemniaki - which literally means - the Poles are potatoes. Watching my astonishment he told me in English that he wanted to say that Poles and Croatians are brothers. We had a lot of fun from this situation.

Aug 08, 2008 04:00 PM All day long to Dubrovnik

All day long to Dubrovnik My trip has been prepared in the latest moment so I even could not prepare well. I know only the itinerary. Today I traveled all day to reach Dubrovnik at night. I was tired but when I took the bus from the airport (it costs 35 kunas, leaves quite quick after planes arrivals, takes about 25 minutes to reach Pilav gate) and I saw the moon and it reflection in the water I knew it was a good choice to come see Dubrovnik. I checked into my hostel which is located in the Old Town with the view on the city walls, and I took a short walk to see Dubrovnik at night. It was stunning.

Aug 07, 2008 04:00 PM Destination Croatia

Destination Croatia After all problems that I had with my holidays finally I am leaving tomorrow. I used my miles and bought a reward ticket to Durbrovnik. I havn't been to Croatia and Montenegro yet so I am expecting a lot from this countries. Anyway Amanda has been there lately and she posted so many lovely pictures and travel tips. Her reports confirming me that destination is excellent.
Until wednesday I wanted to go to Georgia, but I couldn't book a ticket. Regarding what is going on there I can say that I had a luck. I still hope that war will finish soon and the country will be safe for visitors.

Jun 21, 2008 04:00 PM Crazy weather

Crazy weather This is my last day, here in Danemark. So I had to see little bit more of the city. In my hostel I had to check out at 10 am, my plane was at 9 pm so I had all day long for city sightseing. From the begining the weather was strange - sun, clouds and rain. When I went to see famous Nyhavn harbour it started rain very heavy, so I was blocked ther for more than hour. Taking this oportunity I went to see Nationalmusem and Museum of the Erotica. Then, when clouds were gone I saw Slots (castle), Nyhavn, Amaliensborg, Borsen, Storget, round tower with the city view.

Jun 20, 2008 04:00 PM Being only one pasenger in a bus

Being only one pasenger in a bus It was a realisation of my drems. I went to see The Mons Klint today. It was not easy from the begining. From Copenhagen the best way to reach Mons is following. Take a train to Vordingborg, there change to bus number 62 after 35 minutes you will reach Stege (you can buy combined ticket return costs 240 krons). From there in th season there are tourist buses to Mons Klint (depart at 12.00 return at 16.00). But it was not tourist season yet so I took a local bus 632 to Klimtholm Havn (the driver just dropp me off somewhere close to the Cliffs, ticket costs 14 krons one way). To go back I had to walk 6 kilomters to Klimtholm Havn, to take the bus. In weekdays busses from Stege to Klimtholm runs every hour, in weekends every two/ three hours (last bus departs at 19.00). When I was coming back I was the only one passenger in a bus during all the trip. Now I understand why the buses runs with such frequency.
And the cliffs it was something fabulous. White rocks, blue see when I will post some photos you will understand my fascination.

Jun 19, 2008 04:00 PM Only for 115 krons

Only for 115 krons As I wroted earlier Danemark is quite expensive country. Today I wanted to go to see Helsingor and I discovered that there isd a 24 hour ticket which costs 115 krons. This ticket give the chance to see all Copenhagen surroundings. So taking this opportunity I went to Helsingor with great castle Kronborg then I went to see Fredriksborg castle in Hollerode from this city is direct train to coastal town Koge (1 hour and 15 minutes) and from Koge I went to Roskilde which is famous for it music festival and the biggest cathedral in Danemark. I really do not have a lcuk with the weather, almost all the time I am escaping from the rain.

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