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Filip's Travel log

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Hi and welcome to my travel-page. Are you up for some exciting stories? Then you are at the right address!!

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Oct 05, 2004 02:00 PM All for nothing

Today I went to the post office, got me 11 euro in special kind of stamps. Then I went to my photographer...but he was closed. So I got to another one. Shot some passport-pictures. Costed me 8 euros. After this (and finding different parking spots, getting me a parking ticket, putting it in my car and go to the place I was willing to go) I went to the city administrations office. There I wanted to get a special inscription on my drivers licence. Therefore I needed all those pictures and stamps...or not? Well, actually not, apparently it could be printed on the my old drivers licence, meaning I didn't need all of that. administrations... :o)
Anyways, so now I've got this inscription and I can go on the road. Our training is most likely to start on Friday!! Yiha!!

Oct 04, 2004 02:00 PM Like a fish in clear waters

YES!! Again, that is. Today I had to get the medical examination, needed to be able to go out on the road with the mobilhome from Tele Atlas.
And as sound as I am, I passed. So till here the job is safe for me. Only thing now is waiting till Wouter can do the tests. Normally he should pass them at least as easy as I did, so I don't see any problem any more...
Europe...prepare to meet!!

Oct 03, 2004 02:00 PM Ask for one, get them all

YES!! It is monday and I got to call David from the selection office. He went to America with my resume, asking 3 or even 4 cruise companies if they might be interested in me.
Result: I get to go to every test there will be from every cruise company. He'll call me to invite me during the months of November, December and January... Man I'm thrilled...again a step closer to my life as a cruise staff member!!

Sep 30, 2004 02:00 PM Are you healthy?

Today I got a phonecall. They told me when I was able to go to take a medical examination. This is needed to be approved to be driving these mobilhomes. And so I get to go on tuesday. While my training won't be able to start until friday and even that's not for sure. But hey, we now know what we're waiting for. Meanwhile, I'll keep uploading reports and pictures to please you all...
I'll be in touch!!

Sep 29, 2004 02:00 PM To train or not...

Today I phoned the instance who is helping me to get my job at Tele Atlas. Thing is that we need to get a medical examination first, before we can go on the road. They told me to be there at a certain moment, which wasn't possible to achieve any more. So she was going to call us back. And therefore I already left to my buddy, who I was going to pick up. From there we would go to the place we would have to be. When we just left togheter, they called us to say that it was no use comming over. Because of some administratical problem. So we had to turn back...
No training, no test, nothing...

Sep 28, 2004 02:00 PM Say hello to Tele Atlas

Hi everyone,

today I finally met up with Tele Atlas. The company who is going to change my life.
This is a company who makes digital maps. So the maps you get to see in GPS-systems, on routeplanning-software etc, most likely comes from them.
Now, to be keep track of all the roads (even the smallest ones), they need people who go out and film every little piece of it. Those people get to drive in a special mobilhome through Europe. This is my new job!!
So be prepared for an adventure...we'll meet in some days!!

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