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Memento mori.

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Joined: Aug 04
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Posted: 2010-06-29 07:41 AM   
Hey Jorge,

Now with hindsight I wonder whether I was really in any danger. But you know as a foreigner you just never know, which is what I felt. I am really happy that I braved it though.

All the best


Joined: Dec 05
Points: 13399

Gracias Jorge

Posted: 2010-06-15 06:33 AM   
Hola Jorge,

Many thanks for reading and rating my report. I love this part of Europe, so writing about Macedonia was a pleasure.

Have a nice day


Joined: Jan 08
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Posted: 2010-06-09 05:42 PM   
Hi Jorge,

Thank you for the entry in my guestbook. I did in fact understood the sarcasm, but was taken aback by the image. I would most definitely support a demonstration against such an immoral law. I believe in freedom and would support any nation in their efforts to create and defend their own state. I also agree that the Europeans had been cruel and greedy beyond imagination. I was not quite sure whether GLOBO was necessarily a venue for this, however. ;)

Are you still travelling in the US?

Kindest regards


Joined: Jan 08
Points: 84174

Arizona's demonstration

Posted: 2010-06-09 04:06 PM   
Hola Jorge,

I hope you are well. It has been a longer while since I last saw you on GLOBO. Anyway, the website has seemed very, very slow in the last few months...

I am not sure if you intended this, but your recent photo series seem awfully political, including one Hitler glorifying photo, although perhaps it was supposed to be sarcastic (it does not necessarily feel like that straight away)?

I am looking for more pictures from your visit to Arizona.

Kindest regards


Joined: Aug 04
Points: 53332


Posted: 2010-06-09 07:59 AM   
Hey Jorge,

Thanks for rating my report on Singapore.

Unfortunately Gloria was in Australia when I visited. She arrived back the day I left; it was a complete shame. As it would have been nice to meet up for drinks. Maybe on my return journey.

All the best


Joined: Jul 08
Points: 15863

Hola Jorge,

Posted: 2010-05-22 01:29 AM   
heard that you've started a new adventure. Have a safe and happy travelling! :)
Best regards - Petra


Joined: May 10
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Martin-de-Viviès, île Amsterdam

Posted: 2010-05-11 10:12 AM   

I saw your pictures of île Amsterdam and am interested in traveling there. How did you travel there?




Joined: Jul 04
Points: 15174

Thank you

Posted: 2010-05-05 03:14 AM   
Hi Jorge!

Thank you for reading and rating my report on Addo Elephant NP. You are too kind.

And congratulations on your new book. Hope you'll sell lots of it.

All the best



Joined: Mar 04
Points: 1618

Thank you, Jorge :)

Posted: 2010-05-04 01:47 AM   
for all your kind attention and comment. Greetings for the fiance of El Zorro, too, if you shall share another sandwich with her on that red bench, in Victoria, Seychelles. Wish you all that you wish for yourself...


Joined: Jul 04
Points: 15194

Paris Report

Posted: 2010-05-02 11:48 AM   
Thanks for your comments on my report. It took a lot of time and effort to figure out what to write due to the brevity of the visit and the vast amount of other Paris reports out there.

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