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chanchira Beijing - A travel report by Chanchira
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Beijing,  China - flag China -  Beijing
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Beijing- The ancient city

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I went there with my husband, just right after New Year 2006. It was winter and it was terribly cold. Daytime temperature about 5-10 celcius, night time is about -15 celcius.

Summer Palace, Beijing
Summer Palace, Beijing
Beijing - capital city of China, one of the world’s oldest continuous civilisations. There are many things to do and see in Beijing, 2-3 days are may not enough for most people. Most tourist sights require 1-2 hours for you to walk around and understand some of its background& history Prepare yourself and bring good walking shoes - one maybe not enough!!

Favourite spots:
Forbidden City
Forbidden City
My favourite spots below would be a,,MUST SEE,, list. I just add some details for each place so that you have some idea what it's about. 1.Tiananmen Square - located at the center of Beijing City. You can visit Tiananmen Tower and Monument to the People's Heroes, Great Hall of the People, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall. Thousands of people come to the Square every day. Tiananmen Square has an area of 440,000 square meters and become a relaxing place for the common people to fly kites and walk. 2. Summer Palace, 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) from central Beijing. Having the largest royal park and being well preserved, it was designated, in 1960 by the State Council, as a Key Cultural Relics Protection Site of China. Containing examples of the ancient arts. 3. Forbidden City

What's really great:
Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Square
I like Tiananmen Square. feel like it's a meeting point, a centre of the city where you can see many people walked around, pictures are taken all day. With the picture of one of the most important man in China history makes it vaulable and charming

Great wall
Great wall
Visit The Great wall is another amazing experience of a lifetime. Actually we travel to China because of this, a must -to- visit place in a lifetime. I also hear that it is the only man-made structures visible from space. Is it true? I don't know

Situated outside Beijing, the Great Wall of China stretches for some 6700km (4163 miles) through northern China. Begun in the third century BC, the Great Wall connected a number of earlier walls to create a defence against nomads invading from the north. Much of the wall that exists today was rebuilt between the 14th and 18th centuries by the Ming dynasty. Many tourists choose to walk along a stretch of the wall, as it passes through some of China's most spectacular scenery.

Wangfujing Street
Wangfujing Street
As a woman, I love shopping. At night I went to Wangfujing Street. It is one of the most important shopping area in Beijing, a commercial district that dates back to the 1300's. It includes Oriental Plaza (Dongfang Guangchang) and other Western-type malls and stores. It is also home to the city's biggest McDonalds. Also home to the Beijing Department Store, the One World Department Store, La Fayette (mostly French products), and Sun Dong'an Market (Neijing's largest supermarket).

Other recommendations:
Temple of Heaven
Temple of Heaven
Apart from my must see list, I would like to add another interesting place to visit.

The Temple of Heaven is situated in the southern part of the city. It was built for the worship of heaven and prayers for good harvests. A double wall encloses the temple.

The upper northern half is circular, representing Heaven and the southern half is square, representing the Earth, coincident with the Chinese saying of Round Heaven and Square Earth. The main buildings on the north-south axis are The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest with the Pavilion of Double Ring Longevity on the left clustered at the northern end are the Imperial Vaulted Heaven and the Circular Altar at the southern. A 2.5-meter-high, 360-meter-long causeway connects the two parts and is known as the Vermilion Steps Bridge or the Sacred Way. Four Heavenly gates were built on the cardinal points.

Published on Monday September 25th, 2006

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Wed, Sep 27 2006 - 10:12 AM rating by gloriajames

nice report!

Tue, Sep 26 2006 - 05:30 PM rating by st.vincent

Nice report. One of my friends leaves for China soon for an 11 day trek along part of the Great Wall

Tue, Sep 26 2006 - 12:45 PM rating by marianne

Great report. Maybe you could add what special things you bought, what souvenirs are worth to take home.

Tue, Sep 26 2006 - 11:43 AM rating by davidx

Very good report. You wisely resist the temptation to get more places in by just giving a list.

Tue, Sep 26 2006 - 07:22 AM rating by rangutan

Great text but a bit of risk using web-pictures?

Mon, Sep 25 2006 - 10:56 AM rating by mrscanada

The only thing that has change is where the McDonalds is and the 2 Dept. Stores, Supermarket and La Fayette Store. Great review.

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