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marshall Bonao - A travel report by Marshall
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Bonao,  Dominican Republic - flag Dominican Republic -  Monseñor Nouel
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Backpackers! Adventure Calling in Bonao!

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Dominican Republic a Great place to spend the winter Vacation! You can't find a better place to spend your winter! Fantastic mountains, biking, hiking, water sports, outdoor sports, many waterfalls, exploring for caves, horseback riding, biking, outdoor BBQ’s, Great night life Bonao, Los Quemados a small town, has many arts and crafts, good restaurants at cheap prices 2 to 3.00US for a meal, cheap transportation to and from all cites,

On the hard trodden path of the backpacker, it is becoming increasing rare to discover the elusive prize that all of us seek: a hidden corner of paradise, untouched and authentic. While paradise may be a matter of personal preference, who could resist the charm of a rural Caribbean village nestled within impossibly green mountains, and crisscrossed by abundant streams and waterfalls? The wave of mass tourism to hit the Dominican Republic has, thankfully, bypassed such a place. The visitor who ventures off the beaten track of Santo Domingo-Puerto Plata-Samana etc, and heads instead for the town of Bonao, will receive just rewards for his curiosity. Bonao is the gateway to Los Quemados, a sleepy village nestled in the foothills of the Cordillera Central, a destination that remains a precious secret to those few who have enjoyed its allure. It boasts spectacular views of the lush mountain ridges as well as the clear freshwater River Yuma running through the settlement. One could spend many peaceful days here merely enjoying the natural beauty of the location and the warm hospitality of the Dominican campesinos. The adventurous will find endless diversion and pleasure from mountain activities such as horseback riding, trekking to waterfalls, and swimming in the countless babbling streams and waterholes. Anything is possible, from hiring a motorbike to explore the corkscrew roads, to setting up camp on a remote mountaintop. With the rainy season over, now is a wonderful time to explore the unique appeal of Los Quemados, Bonao. Transport details: Nearly all buses plying the Santo Domingo – Santiago route along Autopista Duarte pass by Bonao, ticket approximately 45 pesos. From central Bonao it is an 8km motorbiketaxi ride to Los Quemados(35 pesos).

Favourite spots:
Fantastic mountains, biking, hiking, water sports, outdoor sports, many waterfalls, exploring for caves, horseback riding, biking, outdoor BBQ’s, Great night life.

What's really great:
Quiet, free to explore, mountains. Dominican Republic a Great place to spend the winter Vacation! Quiet, free to explore, mountains. Has many arts and crafts, good restaurants at cheap prices 2 to 3.00US for a meal, cheap transportation to and from all cites,

Candido Bido Art Gallery & Museum

Located in the excellent new Plaza de la Cultura, the gallery is the brainchild of the internationally reknowned artist Candido Bido, a native son of Bonao.

At present the finishing touches are being put to the top three levels of this elegant five storey building. The ground floor gallery houses paintings by the Dominican masters including Bido himself, Guillo Perez and Elsa Nunez. Also on display are works from Central American arists like Orlando Vellajo and Alfredo Sinclair.

The first floor is dedicated to sculpure and 3 dimensional art..

Plaza de la Cultura, Calle Mella

1 Block west of the Parque Central

Carmen Garcia - Director

Stay in a waterfront room at $10.00 a night
Elder Hostel Youth Hostel
No better place to spend the winter!
Caribbean Alps
Camping $99.00 month
1 bed (single bed) Dormitory $199.00 month
Waterfront room $299.00 month
Room with Kitchen $499.00 month
Waterfront with Kitchen $549.00 month

Courses in Painting, Music, Sculpture, and Dance

The exceptional new Plaza de la Cultura offers a great opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in Dominican culture.
A dynamic place with a friendly open door policy, the knowledgable staff of artists and teachers welcome all students regardless of age or social background.

Very economical classes and courses are available in the following:

DOMINICAN DANCE (merengue, Bachata...)

It is a lovely centre in which to learn. The centre's intentions are admirable - a special emphasis is placed on reaching out to handicapped and disadvantaged people. A tourist who decides s/he wishes to make an extended stay in Bonao to take classes will be made to feel more than welcome.

Bonao is historically one of DR's premier artist centres, producing many of national and international reputes.

Head of Music:
Franklin De Leon - 525 2799

Head of Dance:
Cecilio Molina - 525 2717

Artistic Director:
Sra. Carmen de Rosario

Executive Director:
Julio Valentin

Calle Mella

One block west of the Parque Central, opposite the San Antonio Church

Leyasu - Bonao's Trendy Megaclub

Nightlife Spot:
Leyasu and Tequila Rancho Bar


Bonao's biggest and most stylised night spot. Covering almost half a block near the Parque Central, the venue is split between the open air Tequila Rancho Bar and the Leyasu discoteque upstairs.

The fun Tequila Rancho Bar has a variety of Mexican snacks and Mexican music such as Ranchero. Drinks are cheaper here than upstairs. The owners have gone all out on the wild west decor, including wanted dead or alive charicatures of some of the local celebrities.

Leyasu has established itself over 12 years as one of the major clubs in the DR. Every night features live music, often from the cream of Dominican Bachata, Merengue and Salsa groups. For this there is a small cover charge, but the music will continue pumping out until you so desire. Monthly programs are available from the office.

Dress Code:
Bonao's partgoers like to dress to the hilt. The girls especially arrive very painted and pristine. For gents, slickness rather than over smartness seems to be the style.

Avenida Duarte, Esq. Cabral, Bonao

One block away from the Parque Central, you will certainly not miss it.

525 5313 - Leyasu

Other Contact:
525 2325 - Tequila Rancho Bar

Resaurant La Choza - Eat Out Taino Style!

Restaurant Name:
La Choza


La Choza is another ambitious project of the Leyas? owner. It is nicely layed out in the style of a openair Taino reservation, with several family sized thatched roof huts surrounding the larger central restaurant.

The food includes freshly cooked Dominican fare as well as a large array of international food. Also has a well stocked licensed bar.

The arching itimacy of the roofs means you only catch a glimpse of the lower half of arriving guests and the scurrying waiters, which makes for mischevous fun.

Favorite Dish:
One good way of sampling local cuisine is to choose you own combination from the display by the chefs area. There are invariably dishes like spit roast pork, goat stew or picapollo to accompany the creole staples of rice, beans and plantains. Very filling, cheap, satifsying grub.

less than US$3.00

Other recommendations:

The mountain village of Rio Blanco, about 20 miles west of Bonao, has breathtaking panoramas of the Cordillera Central. This remote area has a lovely antiquated ambience with roaming pigs, open fire stoves, and men tilling the land with machetes.

The only visitors to the area are engineers to the nearby dams and ranks of the Dominican bourgeoisie, who have chosen these stunning landscapes for their hilltop holiday chalets.

I'd recommend walking to Rio Blanco along the road winding up from Los Quemados. Though this 2 hour hike is quite demanding, it is well shaded and you will be thoroughly charmed by the hummingbirds, passing villagers and roadside waterfalls. For more on this trek check

In Rio Blanco, there are one or two stores for a snack and a beer to recharge. The villagers are incredibly warm and hospitable, and may like to show you round there houses and farms. You might be able to purchase local coffee and cacao. Depen

Published on Saturday May 22th, 2004

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