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Los Quemados - A travel report by virginia
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Los Quemados,  Dominican Republic - flag Dominican Republic -  Monseñor Nouel
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ginnybateman's travel reports

Live the real Dominican Republic!

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What can I say.....What a dream! Going to this part of the Dominican proved to be life changing. It wasn't part of a vacation hot spot. It wasn't warm sunny beaches. What it was, turned out to be better than all that!

A couple of friends and myself are still enjoying the glow that was given to us by the experience of living in Los Quemados DR. If you are up to being a part of your journey rather than vacationing at a destination then Rancho Wendy should be your next port. Hikers and back packers who want to see a beautiful country in the Carribean need to visit this location near Bonao. It is 45 minutes from Santiago and well worth the cost to find this little haven in the mountains. For the really adventurous, come take part in Marshall Zippers Work Abroad program and make a difference in your own way! We are headed back to continue this dream March 2007, Come and join us!

Favourite spots:
There isn't one location that was a favourite..Banao, offers a city atmosphere with an awesome cultural centre. Los Quemados is a rural village where you become a part of the village just by living there. The mountain villages are among some of the most breath taking scenery you will encounter. And the people are genuine.

What's really great:
Feel free to talk with me about the specifics of the village, accomodations

While travelling to the Dominican Republic you must stay at Rancho Wendy. This little haven is located 45 minutes from Santiago. The rooms are safe and comfortable and the price is affordable. The rural setting allows you to visualize the mountains and its moods from every angle. The food is hot and nutritious and Ramona goes out of her way to ensure that all of the guests are full and appetites satisfied. The rustic atmosphere makes you feel like you are home and if you are looking for a pampered vacation than this is not a place for you. If, however, you are looking to experience your destination and live it, than this is definately a place you'll want to come to.

Other recommendations:
We did not go to any night clubs or eat at any restaurants. We enjoyed the cultural centre that the city of Bonao has to offer. We loved living in the town of Los Quemados and basked in the beauty of the mountain scenery that can only be seen first hand in the villages. We met some amazing people which is what travelling does. It is not about visiting a destination but more importantly about meeting with the people that live there!

Published on Saturday December 30th, 2006

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Sat, Dec 30 2006 - 01:49 PM rating by davidx

Obviously you rate the place highly but you really tell us rather little about it. What is the work you'll be doing? What about the vegetation and wildlife? Try to write as though you are telling one friend, who knows nothing about the place except what you tell.

Sat, Dec 30 2006 - 09:53 AM rating by rangutan

A nice short report. (Do you get commission? We rather trade info under "guestbook" for all to see or the "contact" function which is safer than an email addrees. Anyway, welcome to GLOBO and thanks for these tips :-)

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