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dreamweaver Boston - A travel report by Shannon
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Boston,  United States - flag United States -  Massachusetts
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Boston: I live here, I love here!

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I moved to Boston in 2003 and though i've been here going on two years, i'm still discovering this city. Small with a fun, genuine heart, this city has nurtured me from college into the real world.

Boston travelogue picture
Whether you're admiring brownstones in back bay or beacon hill or hanging with the college crowd in the Allston strip...Boston will open it's arms to you like it has for me. Those who come back a few times will see different things, nuances--stay away from tourist traps--and enjoy the smaller pleasures the city has. Most tourists spend all their time in Fanuiel Hall, but don't spend time getting to know Brookline, Cambridge or Beacon Hill.

Favourite spots:
Boston travelogue picture
Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline- if you have time to see a movie or enjoy an event, coolidge corner theater is the place to be. It's more than a theater--it's an experience. The art deco on the inside is all refurbished originial and the indie films will swoon the most artsy of hearts. The Cambridge side of the charles is also a lovely spot to sit and eat on a picnic or watch the world slide by. The kayakers and the crew row past, and the world can be very quiet on that grassy knoll. It's a short walk to Harvard Square with some of my favorite nerdy stores. I also love the Aquarium--though during the summer it's a tourist trap, I still go and watch the 75 year old sea turtle or the sea lion show.

What's really great:
Boston travelogue picture
The BPL (Boston Public Library) The old section is a source of inspiration, not as touristy as the rest of Boston, this beautiful library is perfect for setting a mind in motion. To stand in a place where people have been learning and inspiring others, to stand in a place which encourages literacy is a beautiful thing especially in Boston--where education is so important.

Russ and my sister at 5 WITS
Russ and my sister at 5 WITS
Some unusual things in Boston- 5 wits -TOMB near Fenway. Great for tourists or locals who want to do something a little different during the week. Solve the mystery of the tomb with you friends, cheesy and great fun If you're tired of the typical or boring. When my sister came to town we did it using the go boston card, completely random decision after a Fenway Park tour and had a blast.

Museum of Fine Arts- I could spend four hours just in the Asian Art section alone. There are tons of things to do and experience at this Musuem. So take some time out during your stay and invest in Egyptian mummies or a picasso or two.

Boston travelogue picture
For college kids backpacking through hihostels in boston is in a fabulous centrally located area--close to Newbury Street/back bay the T. I know two wonderful people who work there and recommend it to anyone low on cash. For those of you traveling with a full wallet...try the Lenox --perfect location and service, Boston Park Plaza, or Jurys all in centrally located/safe areas.

Sunset Grille in Allston- 100 plus beers--perfect low key hang out before you hit up the bars. Fill your belly and hang out with your friends. Tons of food for your money so you can plug away at their beer selection uninhibited

Common Ground-Allston MP3 Night on Wednesday is very chill and a lot of fun. Great for those staying in town for the summer or who just like to try something different. Bring your IPOD for 15 minutes of music, stay for the fantastic food--better than your typical pub.

Solas @ the Lenox. Fabulous Irish food better than your typical pub- Great for an early dinner or late lunch. Small, intimate and on the weekends has jam bands for those into a little Irish jig.

Other recommendations:
If you're a traveler, a go boston card can be helpful. Saves on the big attractions which cost money. If you're looking for a sublet during the summer use boston craigslist I also think that a weekly t pass can be helpful if you're staying awhile, taxis are very expensive--unlike new york where they are more reasonable. It may be good to avoid some of the resturants in Fanueil Hall for dinner-lunch is fine--for lunch I reccommend Durgin Park or McCormick and Schmidts. Avoid tourist traps like Cheers.

Published on Monday August 8th, 2005

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Sun, Feb 06 2011 - 06:44 PM rating by porto

Good report with some handy hints.

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