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deepg_ Edmonton - A travel report by Dale
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Edmonton,  Canada - flag Canada -  Alberta
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Winter Wonderland

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I want to introduce the Edmonton that most people want to avoid, that is the city in the freezer. This report is more of a description of my winter habitat than it is a travel report. My motivation to write this report was seeing size 3 pictures.

Downtown in the winter.
Downtown in the winter.
I was born in Edmonton, but have lived all over western Canada. After having spent 12 years living in beautiful British Columbia, it was time to come back to my roots. There are four seasons in Edmonton, fall, winter, spring and construction season. In the winter, when the thermometer dips below -25 deg. Celsius, most people in the world would hibernate but Edmontonians are just starting to think about wearing a scarf. Our parking lots all have electrical outlets but electric cars are seldom seen. Electric block heaters are used in our vehicles to keep the engine oil at moderate temperatures when parked. This allows us to be able to start our vehicles at -40 deg. C. In Edmonton, hockey is religion. I relish the changing color of the leaves as it means I will be able to don my skates once again. Hockey is to Canadians as football is to Europeans. Some may frown that our professional counterparts (NHL) are locked out of their arenas and for them I feel sorrow. I do not share their anguish, as my enjoyment of the game is to play and not to spectate. As a child, some of my fondest memories are of building small forts in the snow. When piled deep enough, the forts became igloos where the temperature inside would be warm enough to remove your toque and gloves even though the outside temps are 20 deg. colder than that of your typical household freezer. And lastly I can't dismiss the absolute wonder that is sitting in front of an open fire with a cup of hot choclate after a full day of tobogganing in the sunshine.

Favourite spots:
Edmonton travelogue picture
Any of the 40 or so hockey arenas in and around edmonton. Any hill worthy of dragging a toboggan up.

What's really great:
Snow flakes on my tongue while sitting in a hottub! Being able to afford to buy my own house!

Ice Palace at WEM
Ice Palace at WEM
West Edmonton Mall - There is a hockey arena inside!

Reds in West Edmonton Mall. Where else in Canada can you do so much with a lager in your hand?

Chateau Louis - Sunday all you can eat Ukrainian buffet. More calories than any one person should be exposed to.

Other recommendations:
Winspear Centre
Winspear Centre
Winspear Centre - world class auditorium where music can be heard the way it was meant to be heard.

Published on Tuesday September 21th, 2004

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Sun, Sep 26 2004 - 04:22 PM rating by nedkelly

Nice one Dale brought back many memories for me pix too

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