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travelalain Eindhoven - A travel report by Alain
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Eindhoven,  Netherlands - flag Netherlands -  Noord-Brabant
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A pre-historic weekend in Eindhoven

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Eindhoven travelogue picture
Eindhoven, a city in Brabant, it's located in an agricultural setting, but it's a industrial city and the home of Philips. But in this beating heart of new technology there is a small vain reserved for a unique setting. In the Genneper park, at the southern end of the city, there is a pre-historic park. It's hidden in a country side setting next to the small river Tongelreep.

In the museum you can find a typical prehistoric village from the Iron Age (750 - 50 BC) called Eversham, and a medieval city (500 - 1600 AD) called Endehoven. When you walk around in this museum it's like stepping back in time, but you can do more then walking around. Why not zap yourself back into this pre-historic times.

We did this during the weekend and got dressed in pre-historic clothes and made our own food and slept in a hay shed. That was a fun weekend.

Favourite spots:
Eindhoven travelogue picture
My favourite spot is the fire place located in the living area outside. This is the place of life in the old ages. People work here, cook here and gather here. We had to shop wood to make sure the fire didn't go out, and even try to make fire with a fire stone.

Another favourite spot was the local inn, but that is in the middle ages, so once in our role it was off limit for us. Thus we had to bring our own drinks after hours.

What's really great:
Eindhoven travelogue picture
When we arrived, we got dressed in these pre-historic clothes. We had a choice out of some shaggy old clothes or some more shaggier clothes. So for us the choice was not so hard. But our pre-historic shoes, that was the max. Small leather, like the moccasins of the Indians. It was cold when you stood long on that cold floor, but it was fun to walk around with them.

Another thing that was great is that you get a guide who explains you all the things and helps you with baking your own German bread or making your herb tea. And for the witches among us, we made a broom stick. OK, just kidding, it's not for the witches it's for sweeping the floor.

Eindhoven travelogue picture
Our neighbours were a bunch of Vikings who played with their swords and had fun killing each other. They were exercising for the Viking weekend.

Eindhoven travelogue picture
Our accommodation was an old sheep shed. In the Iron Age, people lived in there at one side and at the other side there were some stables for the sheep. There are some old buildings remodelled so that large groups can sleep there. But we crawled together in the hay and slept like roses.

Eindhoven travelogue picture
A club you will not find on there pre-historic site, but that doesn't matter because it's not part of a pre-historic weekend. But you can hire a folk singer who can bring some life in the party around the campfire.

Eindhoven travelogue picture
There is an Inn located in the medieval village, where you can get some beer, wine, coffee and home made bread. It's an original setting to talk about the impressions you have from this visit.

Eindhoven travelogue picture
The restaurant is the best around, haha, we had to cook our own food on that fire and I have to say it tasted better then in those days, but that is something I can't compare off course. But we had some chicken in a wheat soup and that together with a nice tasting salad. And in the morning some bread and at lunch German bread and that tasted great.

Other recommendations:
Eindhoven travelogue picture
Well when we did this weekend, we were the attraction, because the museum is open for tourists and a lot of people were looking toward us, crazy people in the Iron Age. But while they were walking around, we were eating and having lot's of fun. You can find more information on there website.

Published on Tuesday April 27th, 2004

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Wed, May 25 2005 - 06:53 AM rating by davidx

Truly fascinating and informative.

Wed, Aug 04 2004 - 11:22 AM rating by nedkelly

Alain Ik vund het super gaaf man. I lived in the Nederlands for a while in Tilburg and I went to this place ,it rocked man Ik ben en beitje jeloise dat je hebt daar en weekendje gebleiven. Goedzo. Nedkelly

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