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travelalain Havana - A travel report by Alain
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Havana,  Cuba - flag Cuba -  Ciudad de La Habana
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What an experience to be in Havana the first of May

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Havana travelogue picture
Havana, this beautiful city, is the capital of Cuba and the central place for the 1th May parades. Havana is a must to visit when you go to Cuba.

You have the Malecon, the Plaza de la Revolution, the graveyard, La Regla. You can spend easily several days here without getting bored. There is so much to see in Havana, that you have to take a look for yourself.

Walk around, eat in a paladar or even take some salsa lessons with the locals, you will see the atmosphere will get to you. Or what to think about drinking a Mojito in that bar El Bojito Del Media where Hemingway was a frequent visitor.

Favourite spots:
Havana travelogue picture
The graveyard of Havana is 56 hectares big and gets 40 to 50 new “inhabitants” everyday. This place is huge. During our visit, we could see only a small part of it and we saw several funeral-cars driving through the main gate.

Walk around and explore the luxurious graves and listen to the explanation of a guide, that's quiet interesting when you hear about the symbolic behind the statues and pillars and.... check it for yourself.

When you visit Havana, you have to go to La Regla and pay also a visit to the Castillo el Morro. Walk through the rooms and see the exhibits and enjoy the views over the city.

The castle is huge and the rooms are big and you can find interesting information about the history of the place. You even can see the transport-system for the cannonballs.

What's really great:
Havana travelogue picture
The Plaza the Revolution is a must, especially on the first of May. Follow the crowd and go with the flow.

Large crowds gather here on the 1 May to listen to the speeches. But besides that it holds the statue of Marti. Have also a look around you and try to find the different faces of Ché.

And if you listen closely, maybe you can here the voice of Castro coming out a speaker and you can dream away. You will easily get carried away by the atmosphere and the crowd.

It's a one of a life time experience.

Well if you are at the Plaza de la Revolution, walk up to the statue of José Marti and turn around and see that empty plaza. This is the plaza where every 1 May you can walk over the heads of the people.

Behind the statue you can see a 109 metres high column. You see us here just after the speech of Castro, standing on the same place as he stood and just a few moments before a police man asked us to move away from this restricted area.

Havana travelogue picture
When you are in Havana, you have to take stroll over the Malecon, breath in the fresh air from the sea and look to the buildings at the other side.

Feel the life and the joy of the Cubans who are passing by and maybe you are lucky to see some fishermen who catch a shark and bring them to shore.

Or you can have a swim with the Cubans or try one of the peanuts that they sell, delicious, but above all relax and breath the atmosphere.

Havana travelogue picture
We stayed here with local people like we did all over the Cuba Island. It’s no luxury hotel, but the inside of these houses is much better then the outside tells you.

They have also all the comfort that we have in Europe. The second building was our house during the first days in Cuba, when we stayed in Havana.

The penthouse we called it.

Havana travelogue picture
El Bojito Del Media, the pub of Hemingway a place where he was often.

We drank 2 Cuba Libre’s and 1 mojito and we paid 14 dollars. This is much more then in a not touristic place.

But for going in here and sitting in the place where the most tourist just take a picture off it’s a small price to pay.

Other recommendations:
Havana travelogue picture
Because Cuba is the home of the Salsa, we were following salsa lesions with a private teacher. We did this in 3 sessions of a few hours. We had a lot of fun, but dancing the Salsa, uno dos trez, I still can’t do.

There are a lot of things to do and to experience in Havana, you can walk for days and see a lot of interesting sights and people

Published on Wednesday February 25th, 2004

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Thu, Sep 16 2004 - 07:48 AM rating by fidelito1951

I'm sorry but is not "El Bojito del Media" is it "La Bodeguita Del Medio ",unfortunately i have to disagree with you ,Havana is a complete mess,because Castro goverment,just looks the faces of cuban people and you got the answer there,FG.

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