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Honningsvag - A travel report by Harry
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Honningsvag,  Norway - flag Norway -  Finnmark
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The North Cape

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Honningsvag travelogue picture
When I first went to the North Cape it was not as sophisticated as it is now. The Cape lies on an island, Magerøya. To get there you had to take the ferry from Repvag to Honningsvag. Since 1999 the island is connected to the mainland by a sub-sea tunnel. Once you get to Honningsvag the actual North Cape is still about 30 km. away. This road was constructed in 1956. Before that you had to hike and climb to get there. The Cape itself is no more than a cliff, a bit over 300 m. above sea level. In 1976, when I came there for the first time, there was a bunker-like restaurant/souvenir shop. Today there is a complete facility centre, with a range of attractions : the upper area has several bars and restaurants as well as a cinema. There is also a post office, with an exclusive North Cape stamp. And … there is a chapel where you can get married. Once you're wed you can spend your first married night in the exclusive wedding suite on top of the North Cape Hall.

Favourite spots:
Honningsvag travelogue picture
Basically the North Cape has nothing charming. It's a bare rock in a cold place. But the kick of it is that you travelled to a point where you can't go any farther, this really is the end of the road.

What's really great:
Honningsvag travelogue picture
This is a bit personal. But the first time I came to the North Cape I spent the night there with a lovely lady that worked in the restaurant. I don't think many people can say they have made love on the very North Cape.

There is a Nordkapp camping and a youth hotel.
In Honningsvag there are various hotels.

The North Cape Hall and various in Honningsvag.

North Cape Hall and Honningsvag

Other recommendations:
The maritime museum, Nordkappmuseet in Honningsvag. They also organize guided tours through the town.

Published on Sunday October 20th, 2002

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