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bertison Lofoten - A travel report by Thorsten
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Lofoten,  Norway - flag Norway -  Nordland
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Lofoten - natures home

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after 3 flights we reach bodö to take the ferry to moskenes. Bodö, first raindrops and temperature close to 10°C. so where's my rainjacket? shit happens! the jacket stays at home!

what a beginning, its cold and rainy in norway and i left my most important cloth at home. but as a boy from the coast i never give up and jut out the 4hours travelling from bodö to moskenes without complaining. we entered moskenes at night and where picked up to our fisherhouse (rorbu) in sorvagen. thanks for the service to our local friends!!! next morning, i can't believe, the sun is shining with a low wind and no rain. so i'm ready for the first fishexcursion on the westfjord between lofoten and mainland. it works proper and the dinner for the next two days is safe. after that we start to plan the week and take a look of activities we want to make the next days. lofoten is nature, nature and landscape. and landscape and nature. the next car hirestation is aprox. 100km away and by bus it takes a daytrip with some sideactivities. too much time for us, so we take the offer to accompany our neighbours for shopping in leknas and make some sidesteps to worth seeing points like ramberg, nusfjord, stamsund and flakstad. we made a beautiful day with breakfest on the beach and barbecue in the mountains and after 12 hours we where back in our rorbu. but thats not the end of the day. because of midsummersun we take our boat and go out to catch the 'big one'. midsummersun is great. you never want to go to bed and time is unimportant. your body knows the time to sleep and each year i enjoy this unusual timefeeling. the days goes by and at the end you know that each journey comes to an end. being on the lofots means that you comeback to yourself and lots of problems in the dailylife seems to be small under the right angle of view. this specific landscape and the friendly and helpful norwegians makes this time a special. a day on the sea with our small fisherboat, a cuttertrip around the island and a walk into the mountains with all that nature and beautiful lakes gives good reason for coming back. P.S. next time i go there with a jacket, sometimes it was a little bit cool.

Favourite spots:
beautiful landscape
beautiful landscape
the lofots are a natural favourite spot because of this amazing steep mountains and the varied nature. due to the few people on the lofots there is no big nightlife or something like that. restaurants and pubs are located in each small village, they're expensive but at the right corner you where supplied like at mothers home. follow the E10 by car and it leads you to the best viewing ports, take a step to the left or right and you find wonderful places to spent your time. 'A' is in the deep south and offers a whale- and cotfishmuseum, very interesting. 'Reine' is beautiful located at the 'Reinefjord' and 'Reinebringen'. 'Ramberg' is at the eastcoast with campground and great views. 'Nusfjord' is a 'must see' fisherharbour !! the most travellers on the lofots are motorhomes and backpackers. there are a lot of accommodations but its better to rent a bed before entering the lofots. take a look at

What's really great:
typical harbour
typical harbour
there is a special feeling after arriving in bodö. the flights are passed and the only question is about departure of the ferry. now the holiday begin. a 4hour trip with the ferry and smooth time will come. its the peacefull and quiet atmosphere that leads me this way. a hike into the mountains is a good way of loosing bad thoughts and somewhere is still a hut for the night. please get the key at the local touristinfo first. fishing is a big part on these islands and a time on the sea gives new motivation for the next days. the locals are very friendly and try to help in each case of emergency.

our rorbu
our rorbu
there are some kind of accommodations, please try for further informations.

Other recommendations:
Lofoten by the sea
Lofoten by the sea
in the north-eastcoast area is a harbour for whalewatching. expensive but interesting. please check web for adress.

Published on Tuesday June 27th, 2006

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Sun, Jul 09 2006 - 06:16 AM rating by mistybleu

Nice report, what fantastic pictures. Misty

Fri, Jun 30 2006 - 06:07 AM rating by marianne

A nice personal account. What fish did you catch? and was it a lot. maybe you could add some detail how to travel to the Lofoten. You say you took three planes, from where?
I ove your photo of the midsummer sun, the deep colour blue is very beautiful. The 'typical harbour'photo is nice too, the especiall the red houses.

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