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mikeygee91 Huttenfeld - A travel report by Mike
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Huttenfeld,  Germany - flag Germany -  Hessen
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Home, sweet Home; Hüttenfeld

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Hüttenfeld in Winter
Hüttenfeld in Winter
Hüttenfeld; maybe one of the simplest and quietest places in Germany (exept maybe a bad neighbor). Probably the main attraction there is 'Schloß Rennhof', which was used & built by Baron Carl Mayer Freiherr von Rothschild.

Favourite spots:
Schloß Rennhof
Schloß Rennhof
My favorite Place in Hüttenfeld is Schloss Rennhof. It is now used as a Lithuanian Gymnasium and Boarding school. The word Gymanasium actually has a different meaning; Germans use a School system with 'hauptschule' (3rd Class), Realschule (2nd class and for more intelligent/smart kids) and Gymnasium (1st class). The good thing about Schloss Rennhof is they have large grounds where you can play basketball, hang out etc..

What's really great:
There's history about Hüttenfeld, mostly based on Schloss Rennhof. But what's great about Hüttenfeld is that it's close to places like Lorsch or Lampertheim. There's a castle at Heppenheim called Starkenburg. It was used to defend the Lorsch Abbey (at Lorsch). In fact, it was the most important. It was built/claimed by Abt Udalrich. It is free to look around, but is now only a ruin.

There are no special accomodations in hüttenfeld. 'Landgasthof-Hotel Kurpfalz' is the only accomodation in Hüttenfeld, and thereby the best.

There are two Pizzerias in Hüttenfeld, which are owned by (seperately) Bruno and Cozimo. I myself prefer Bruno's, or 'Adria Eis', as it is originally called. I note Adria Eis because I consider it a pub.

Published on Wednesday April 28th, 2004

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Tue, Jun 08 2004 - 11:42 AM rating by dante_amerisi

It's nice to know about a simple and quiet place nowadays in Europe. I think is great to write about home, because it's about feelings and not only places what you talk of.


Dante Amerisi

Tue, Jun 08 2004 - 08:02 AM rating by rhonda844

Do they still have great food at the Hotel? I remember many nice dinners there. Nice report on Huettenfeld...I too had a bad neighbor experience...right next door on Seefeldstr!!

Fri, May 28 2004 - 10:55 AM rating by maria083

Hey Mike sounds like a cute small town. I like the way you picture it! Good job!

Wed, Apr 28 2004 - 01:46 PM rating by travelalain

Welcome on Globo, try to at some photos and maybe try to tell some other things about this town then the pizzarias. Then this report will improve, welcome and happy travels

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