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sanne_downunder Jena - A travel report by sanne
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Jena,  Germany - flag Germany -  Thüringen
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You ve never heart of Jena before? Well than, read this article and you will get some information about the city, the large university,the beautiful countryside and last but not least some facts about the friendly people. :o)

that how jena looks like
that how jena looks like
Do you know Thuringia? NO! its the countrystate nearly in the middle of germany, aslo called the green heart of germany because of the forrest – thueringer wald-.the capital of thuringia is erfurt and erfurt is not far away from jena. About an hour by car east of jena. But if you pass jena by car on the motorway, you might think “oh what an ugly city”, because it doesnt look very nice, i have to say too. Lots of tower blocks want to welcome you. But dont take tham serious. Please pass them and have a look in this beautiful city centre with lots of small cafés, little shops and the marketplace with an old fountain. Listen to the bell on the townhall every full hour and enjoy the young atmosphere the city radiates

Favourite spots:
spring market
spring market
Sometimes i m skating along the saale, the river close to the town. The way is quite good to skate there. or i have a big walk up on the hills to,surounding the city. When its fall season, all the trees are looking like indian summer than, so i dont have to fly to america to watch it. And dont miss the one world shop in the city too. You can find lots of gifts and fair traded food there. If want to see special movies, have a look to the small cinema called schillerhof. They just got 2 small halls, a red one and a blue one, and its cheap too. When i wanna go out i m mostly in the rose. Lots of young people flirting and chatting there ;o), and dancing of course hihi.yes people who living in jena are open minded and welcome to help you. Because of the university its a quite young city, lots of students are around. Have a look on the weekly markets, old people seeling apples and tomatos, picked in thems gardens and they are willing to chat too :o). and i will help you to get

What's really great:
you know already what i like. its my hometown, i grow up there and spend more than 19 years there, i feel welcome whereever i am. :O)

winter time
winter time *********
Jena has got 7 wonders!the first one is a man called schnapphans and he s on top of the townhall. Every full hour he s trying to catch a small golden ball, an engel got on a stick, a legend says, if he catches the ball, it will be the end of the earth. But dont worry, it never happend yet. The other are a bridge, a dragon the mountian – jenzig- , and old altar close to the church and the – weiglsche house-.
Dont forget to visit the university.... and famous building, founded in 1527-1669.even mr. Leipnitz ( the buiskit man) studied there. He was a pupil by famous persons like schiller and goethe...... .there a lots of courses to study like mathematics, sience, medicin, cultural- and social courses. The main building got a beautiful old architecture.
If you want to see the city like a bird does, take the lift and get up on the intershop tower. It costs about 5 € but it´s worth it.

We got a youth hostel up on a hill, i think its bit complicated to get there, and its not that close to the city centre as well. I would prefer to use one of these private accomodations, they are sometimes really cheap and you will find a list in the main cityinformation store.
I really can recommend the one of my girlfriends mum. Pension kühle. A small garden and cute little rooms with really comfortable beds. and i dont say this because she is the mum by a friend of mine. If you prefer a first class hotel, check in to the esplanada hotel in the city centre, but there mostly buisness men so i m not shure if it is so funny

If you used to go out a lot, dont expect to much of jena´s nightlife. There are some clubs like rose and the ogs but thats it i think, unfortunately. Every Thursday and Saturday students are dancing to music of all kinds in the rose. It s got one mainfloor in an old vault.
If you want to change the music, visit the ogs club. It has got , i think at least 3 floors and the music changes every Saturday too

Jena s got a view good pubs around. One s called – die kneipe- a really dark and smoky one, but great to have some beer. They got a special once a week, peanuts all you can eat. So if you like them, go for it. This pub is in the wagnergasse, a street full of pubs and cafés. Another good is called rose, and its a student club as well. Lots of live events will help you to enjoy the beer there

The very best café and restaurent is called stilbruch, settled in a street named wagnergasse. It just looks delicious and the prices are ok for these amount of food, they make also the best coffee late. Enjoy a huge bowl of it, while you sit there and watch the people passing by.
They also have the best breakfast too. My favorite. But you have to be quick to get a seat, otherones like it too.
If you like the american food, just cross the wagnergasse and you will find the american bar/pub/restaurent called cheers. They have fantastic french fries served in a huge basket and you wont miss the baskettball games too, a large screen shows nearly every sport event you might be interested in.

Other recommendations:
The best icecream you can have is in the same building like the cinema. Lots of different sorts make it quite hard to choose. But they taste all very good.
Right beside the icecreamery is a very good coffeeshop called black bean. They got a huge amount of different coffees and flavours. Yummi. Oh they serve good bagles as well. So take a seat get a magazine and enjoy your frothy milkcoffee there. You will like it, promised.

Published on Friday October 8th, 2004

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Mon, Jul 11 2005 - 03:36 PM rating by nedkelly

Wow!!!..... No Mudbucks !!!

Sat, Oct 09 2004 - 12:44 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

hii sane,
well i never heard this beautiful place ever and you have nicely written the report abt this little city.

Fri, Oct 08 2004 - 01:06 PM rating by picasso

Dear Sanne you got very interesting report about the city,you live in and seems like it, injoy a lot as you home.Sounds like a very cute small city with a lovely river and mountains near by.

Thank You to share with us your filings.

Best Wishes

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