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travelalain Kaka Point - A travel report by Alain
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Kaka Point,  New Zealand - flag New Zealand
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Kaka Point, is it what you think it is?

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Kaka Point travelogue picture
You will pass Kaka Point when you drive back from Nugget Point towards Dunedin. And there we saw the sign of the town.

After taking a picture of the sign when we entered the town, we wanted to do something silly with this sign and we stopped at the end of the village to take the picture that you can see here.

The name Kaka Point comes from a bird. In New Zeeland they have a Bush Parrot or Parakeet with the name Kaka.

And not like many people think from the childhood phrase: I did kaka.

Kaka Point is located in the deep south of the South Island.

Favourite spots:
Kaka Point travelogue picture
Nugget Point; in this place there stands since 1870 a lighthouse. The drive to there goes over many small stones scattered on the road and this makes the car break away sometimes. So it's not an easy drive over these curvy roads. But you have a great view over the Ocean at your left-hand side. We made a short walk to the lighthouse and enjoyed the scenery. The small rocks in front of the lighthouse and the sea deep beneath us. The light of the lighthouse come to live on 4 July 1870, and the keepers lift there until the light was automated in 1989. The light shines from a 9.4 metre-high stone tower through the original lens, and is located 76 metres above the sea level. It flashes twice every 12 seconds, and is visible for 19 nautical miles (35 kilometres).

What's really great:
What we liked was off course that photo that we took from that sign. We were en route with 3 cars and I was driving the last car when we stopped to make that photo. We showed it to the others in the evening and they had a big smile on there faces.

Kaka Point travelogue picture
The name Nugget Point comes from these rocks

It's easy to understand where the name nugget point comes from. When you stand behind the lighthouse and you are looking into the ocean, you see a lot of small rocks just outside the coastline. With a little bit of fantasy you can see them as small nuggets. I can imagine when the sun is setting down, they colour also like a real nugget. So take the walk to the lighthouse and see for yourself. The area is also a nature reserve for the sea life.

Kaka Point travelogue picture
Kaka Point itself we passed very quickly and it's only a little place with some local history. But we didn't see any pub or something when we drove there. But that doesn't mean there isn't one. But we had to go to see the pubs in Dunedin.

Published on Wednesday April 21th, 2004

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Tue, Apr 27 2004 - 03:36 PM rating by britman

Great report - superb pictures - hope the Dunedin pubs were good!

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